Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Please go ahead and laugh and laugh at this picture! Fro-woman and N-Ro went tubing this passed weekend and it was really fun! I am pretty sure that my fingers are the only part of my upper body that is not sore - yes, nathan has informed me that it's time to kick into high gear start some real muscle building...i fear he may be right! LOL


Alicia said...

GREAT picture! Looks like lots of fun! And I WISH I had your curly hair -- it's gorgeous!

Katie Barker said...

I went about a week ago as well. It was terrible! I couldn't get up on the tube...I was sooooo weak. hahah. At least that tube looks like it's supposed to hold 2 adults, I think the one I was working with held 2 kids or one adult! It was super fun though.

Mary Ann said...

Tubing is a BLAST & I don't care how ripped your muscles are, you are going to be sore. But it's so worth it!
My hair does the exact same thing when I'm in the wind around water. I'm never too far from a ball cap :-)

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