Thursday, May 06, 2010

Please Pray for Carlie!!!

This has been an extremely difficult week for the James Family. They are dear people from our church who kissed their sweet Carlie as they put her to bed Sunday night - only to find that during the night she had seizures and stopped breathing for an unknown amount of time.

I can only imagine that the following trying days that followed this week have been filled with a host of emotions for them. They placed Carlie in a medication induced coma and have been unable to stop the seizures and the swelling of her brain has continued. She has had a brain herniation.

I feel like my eyes have no more tears left. Carlie is a special girl to me. 6 years ago Carlie walked down the aisle for Nathan and I as our flower girl. She has been so sweet to my boys and always so happy to say hello to us whenever she sees us.

Her parents need your prayer. They continue to get life altering updates are going to have to make difficult decisions - have conversations with Carlie's 4 sisters that no parent ever imagines that they will have to have with their children. I know I don't.

Please lift this family up in your prayers. God makes no mistakes - and I believe that- it's easy to say when you are not going through it.

Pray for the Salvation of the grandparents that the girls are staying with. This is no accident. The Lord thought of Carlie, formed Carlie, gave life to Carlie - He alone can chose to spare her young life.


Katie said...

I am praying for their family. Keep us update.

the johnson crew said...

we will be praying too.

Mary Ann said...

We're praying!

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Hi Shyla, out of curiosity...did these seizures come out of nowhere? It just makes you count your blessings for the everyday. You just never know when or how. That thought alone humbles me more than words could say. :( Praying!

Stacey said...

Praying....not taking our moments with our children for granted. Lord bless you all.

Karen said...

I keep checking in for updates. I assume you'll let us know of any changes?

Still praying for those sweet people.

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