Friday, April 09, 2010

Kitchen Transformation Day 21- LOL

I seriously don't even know how many days we've been working on it. I supposed I could go back in the archives and see what the date of day one was...too much work.

So, are the pics of the painted cabinets! They are LOVELY! Smooth, wipe-able, creamy white - yum!!

sorry the pics are so dark. my eyes are bleeding - i am THAT tired.

I debated on spray painting the hardware, but in the end, I decided to keep the original hardware color.

I have had this adorable plate rack across the top of my kitchen and never used it - Now I get to play with the idea of beautiful plates actually being displayed on the plate rack - genius!

Here's a sneak peek at the curtains. This is not what they will look like completely - just a teaser on the fabric etc... still need to mount on boards but have to wait for the bead board , chair rail and paint to go up on the walls. Mmmm! Curtains! You could say I made the icing before the cake :)

So, here's what we have so far. I will paint the clock face back on in roman numerals.

And that's day 21...or whatever day we are on.


Alicia said...

Incredible transformation, Shyla! I can only imagine how many hours and sweat you've put into this huge project. It looks FABULOUS! Want to come do my kitchen next? :)

Mary Ann said...

So beautiful! I love what you have envisioned for your kitchen! And don't count the days. When I do that with a remodeling project I just get discouraged. Of course, it took us about a year to get our house mostly done. I don't think it ever gets totally done :-)

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