Friday, April 09, 2010

I *heart* craigslist!

I *Heart* Craigslist! I am on it every day. Seriously.It goes like this...

Free section first - Scored this vintage lingerie (turned Jewelry) chest
(yes, i still need to put on the last knobs.)

Furniture Section Next - does anyone afford furnishing their home without craigslist? Yard sales, hand me downs and craigslist. LOVE.

Got these little beauties last weekend. She was asking for $40 for the pair - I asked her if I could pay $30 - and Voila! There they are - in my kitchen and waiting to be painted the green my walls will be!

Then I peruse the Garage sale section to see if i can find there what i couldn't find in the sections above.

As time permits (and it usually doesn't) I look in general, household, material and baby in that order.) :)


I realize that I have been neglectful in posting kitchen transformation pics (sorry fans :) but I have been busy actually working on it! :) Stay tuned.

I have been looking on CL for a kitchen table that has 6 chairs. Ours was generously given to us as a wedding present, but hasn't really been big enough and we have outgrown the set.
Wouldn't you know that a kitchen table with more than 4 chairs is practically unheard of? *GASP* And wouldn't you know that no one sells them second hand (I submit b/c they are so rare and people actually NEED them!!) and to buy them new ...don't even get me started! I found a set that I LOVED each peace was priced separately at a furniture OUTLET (rolling eyes)- table - $149 Chairs $125 (EACH!!!!!!!) Are you kidding me??
Here is an example:

So, I hopped on CL one morning and found THIS:

I squealed, called Nate, scheduled pick up and WAHOOOO!!! I got to pick my table (wanted - didn't need both!) and take all 6 chairs for $100!! And the best part...I was able to sell other stuff we didn't need to pay for it!!

Look familiar??!!
Can't wait to paint it!

Do you *heart* craigslist like I do? What fun things have you scored?


Karen said...

Wow--great finds!
I rarely go on CL anymore, but we've found some great stuff too... toddler bed and crib from the FREE section, coffee table & end tables for cheap, and our bedroom set! Wahoo!

Mary Ann said...

I haven't ever bought anything off of CL, but I have sold some furniture that came with our house that we didn't want. So yeah, I heart CL, too! I should get on there & snoop around a bit...

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