Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Something from nothing.

I have wanted to share this for over a week - but, it was a baby shower gift and couldn't reveal it for fear they would see it! :)

I found this plain pink little sweater at Target and as soon as I saw it, my mind began whirl with all of the possibilities that could take this cute little sweater and make it a special little sweater.

So, I sewed on some ribbon, created the embellishments that cascade down the front and added sweet little black buttons to cover the snaps - and voila!

That's what I have been keeping a secret from you! :)

I am constantly looking for potential in things. What about you? Furniture, clothes, fabric, a room in your home? I would have to say for me - it's all of the above! :)


Karen said...

Darling, Shyla!
What a lucky little one. Liv makes a lovely model, too. :)

the j. crew said...

very cute.

no, at this point i am not ever looking for things to embellish, but mostly to declutter and organize and to make our days run smoother... but i do miss being creative.

you are very talented shyla.

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