Saturday, February 06, 2010

I love a good project...

When we heard that we were getting lots of snow this weekend, I decided that I was going to get some things accomplished - outside of housework - this weekend.

I had several new items that I wanted to work on to build up my shop - Check. I spent several hours crafting and designing. It was truly relaxing and an enjoyable afternoon.

Nathan made supper - TOASTED PB&J! A true chef! I was happy - I didn't have to cook!

As I sat in my kitchen working on my projects, I got VERY happy thinking about the changes that were coming to my kitchen.

You see, when we bought our home we painted the bottom of the kitchen "cherry cobbler" and the top was a hazelnut toffee color in a failed stripe pattern.

I wanted to make curtains but just hung up what I had from our apartment until I bought we are FIVE YEARS later...*sigh*

I was happy with the red but desperately wanted the kitchen finished - curtains, wall hangings etc... Then, when inquiring about what to do in the kitchen with Nathan, he informed me that the red was starting to remind him of a girl with too much make-up on who was trying too hard to get noticed! (LOL - seriously! Where do they come up with this stuff! LOL)

So, that conversations changed the WHOLE kitchen in a new (and i must say exciting) direction.

It involves bead board (dance of joy!), painting my cabinets, wallpaper (the angels rejoice!) and beautiful floral patterned curtains (that i have yet to find...) I love vintage, shabby chic, cottage style decorating and this kitchen is headed from my dreams to reality!

Now - all that said - we just have to keep our fingers crossed that my reality happens in the NEAR future! :)

Tax return - don't fail me now!


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