Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What makes you follow or not follow a blog? As you can see - i have 6 followers - but have had (my visitor widget isn't loading for me - but it's more than 6 :)visitors in the last week. i follow in my reader about 100 or more blogs on varying topics but admittedly have not clicked "follow". So, what's your excuse? Are you a follower or not? What makes you choose to follow one blog and not another? Won't you let me know if you stop by! :) I'll put the coffee on and wait to hear from you!


Carrie said...

don't think I am an official "follower" but you are on my reader and anytime you post I come over here and read it.

Tricia said...

I didn't even realize that "following" was different than having you on my google reader! So I guess I am a follower that's not a follower, if that makes any sense. =)

Reads said...

I'm with the other two. I don't really "follow" any blog, but you are on my google reader. Honestly I don't even do my own blog anymore, yet I do keep up with most of my blogging friend through Facebook! Coffee sounds great!

Mary Ann said...

Shyla, I'm not sure you'll even remember from Northland, but I found your blog I don't even know when, & I subscribed through my google reader. So the trend continues, not a follower but a reader :-)
I never even looked to see if I have followers on my blog. Gonna have to check that out!
Coffee is an excellent idea; I'm enjoying some myself right now! :-)

Jennifer Dyck said...

I, too, am a google reader! I love being able to keep up with friends, old and new, and when you seem to always be short on time to "check" blogs, having the reader has enabled me to actually keep up on the most current posts!

I enjoy reading your tips, recipes, and see your great creativity, not to mention the great pictures of your family!

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