Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on Jackson

I couldn't post about Owen without doing one of my Favorite boy named Jackson!

Jackson will be 3 in May. Time sure has flown by! He and Owen BOTH weigh 27.5 lbs and there is only about 2 inches that separate them.

He is a great helper. He certainly takes on a motherly tone sometimes when teaching owen how to get out of his chair on his own, or when he's instructing owen that he has a bad attitude and needs to be happy! :)

He LOVES singing and this brings a lot of joy to my heart b/c i too love to sing. He has a really fun little personality (that can certainly switch to fiery at the most inopportune times!) We were in Target last weekend and he was happy as a clam that we were letting him walk beside us instead of sitting in the cart. He knows that if he touches anything or disobeys that he has to get in the cart for a few minutes before he can get out again (he'll even remind you of the rule). But this time he chose to SCREAM in the middle of the store for a few aisles. Nathan had a little chat with him, he straightened up, we let him walk again and then a few aisles later we passed a woman who encouraged us that we had SUCH well behaved kids... "there are other kids just screaming and screaming, but yours are so good!" IF ONLY SHE KNEW the one she probably heard was Jackson!!

He loves to read books and is doing quite well identifying letters in the alphabet in lowercase. We pretty much have uppercase down.

I don't have to dress him anymore. I lay out his socks, underwear, pants, undershirt and shirt and he goes to town. We're still working on getting his pants on the right way - he loves to wear them backwards for some reason. Last night i gave him a bath, dried him off and he ran in and put on his pull up, and jammies without me. He's really growing up.

Anyway, that's just a little about our little Jackson.


Carrie said...

I bet you get asked all the time if they are twins - being so close to the same size. They are so Adorable!

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