Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Owen with his Aunt Jenny

Owen is 17 months old now and talking up a storm lately. Jackson had a few words that sounded like the real thing "yo yo = yogurt" whereas Owen tends to say things correctly the first time...usually.
These are a few of my favorite Owenisms that I am not sure i want to correct yet :)

- Minket = Blanket (this is admittedly my favorite one.)
- Mote = Remote
- Momoof = Muffins
- Minkey = Monkey (his favorite sock monkey)
- Chicket = chicken
- Hup = Cup
- Handle = candle
- hackas = Crackers
- Hitty = Kitty
(basically anything that starts with a C or K he subs an H for.)


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