Tuesday, April 01, 2008

haircut etc...

Let me start by saying that uploading pics to blogger is the most annoying experience! why is there not a more efficient way to put pics on here and then have them be in the order i want?? grrr.... ok, i digress....

on to the backwards update! :)

This is a pic of $50 worth of Easter trinkets for the boys for next year...i got it for 75% off! Yup...that's $12~ Happy Easter to us! Wahoo!!
This is one of my favorite finds...a chicken that winds up and lays gumball eggs while it walks! :)
These eggs are filled with sticky bugs, bouncy balls, key chains (for their cars of course:) and the other pack is filled with those little pills that you stick on water and they blow up into little animals! (i can't wait to use those! :)
These are my favorite find!! I got these for 2.50 down from $10 at Target!
Not pictured are a basketball basket like the ones above (i am sure we'll have another boy someday! :) (not an announcement - sheesh)
a glow in the dark with flashlights easter egg hunt pack!!

My brother Ryan is coming to visit us this Thursday until monday and then i am flying with the boys and ryan home to Canada until the 12th. I am excited for Ryan to come - so we made a countdown poster and every morning Jackson tears off a basketball (since we love basketball and so does Ryan!) until Ryan gets here... well, i guess you all know how countdown charts work! LOL

On to the haircut pics that were supposed to be first...

i hate taking pics of myself!

Pay no attention to the stuff all over the floor! :)
we bought a "Trailer" for the boys to ride while we ride bikes! This is jackson's first ride in it with nathan....ps - nathan is going so fast it made the motorcycle blurry! April fool's! :)

ok, that's all. :)


Busch family said...

Hi Shyla,
I'm in total agreement with the uploading pictures thing. There has to be a better way (without buying a new computer!). Oh well.
Just wanted to say Yay! on the Easter finds - I love stocking up on things for next year (like wrapping paper at Christmas) - and I love your haircut. It looks really nice. I've been wanting to chop mine off for the summer, but I haven't decided yet if I'll do it. I've had super short hair before and it just grows back in so quickly. I need to learn to cut my own hair and that would solve the problem! :)

WILD GHESE said...

way to go on your Easter finds. John and I are already discussing names for another kid (not an announcement, either). Maybe I'm doing most of the discussing. Cute haircut and nice Easter finds.

Alicia said...

Great haircut! You look tres chic in short hair . . . I'm not brave enough. It makes me giddy to find such cheap post-holiday sales. Do you have a gift closet or something you use to keep goodies in until you need them? Enjoy your trip to Canada!

suzanne said...

I really like your haircut! I love getting haircuts, they just make you feel so good!
Good job on the Easter deals! You are going to be SO happy next Easter when you pull all that out again!

Heather said...

That is so exciting that you get to see your brother than fly to Canada to see your entire family!! Enjoy yourself!!!

Love the haircut...I love short hair and love getting it cut anyway as long as it is refreshing!!!

Karen said...

Great haircut--did you do it yourself?

Have a great time with Ryan! How exciting!

Shyla said...

i did NOT cut it myself! my one married indulgence is not cutting my own hair anymore!!!!!!!!! so, 2 or three times a year i go for a little head massage (aka: shampoo :)and cut!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ruth said...

Great haircut! I love it. Also, I've been slacking in the bloggig dept. lately, so forgive me if this is really late, but I like your new blog look, too!

party of eight said...

nice easter stash!!!

your blog looks so beautiful!

and i love your hair cut. it looks great!

Vinho said...

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