Monday, November 26, 2007

it's been a long time!

Sorry folks...if there are any of you out there anymore, life has been too busy to blog lately and i have been sucked in to the facebook world for sometime now. i sort of have this routine where i open up my mozilla browser and start creating tabs. One for my google reader (so i can faithfully read my over 50 blogs subscriptions), one for my hotmail, one for Facebook and then another for the misc. things that i want to look up that i have thought of throughout the day. By the time i am done responding to emails, FB comments and reading blogs - i have no energy left to type. So, i decided to take a stab at it before my eyes start to close! :)

Thanksgiving was nice. I cooked a 17.5lb turkey for nate's family and i must say (thanks to my mom's final advice) it was the yummiest turkey and so moist! And i am pretty sure i have perfected the Chase family stuffing ("dressing" as we call it in canada).

Then the next morning i woke up at 4am and climbed into my clothes, brushed my teeth, hair grabbed my PBJ and coffee and headed out into the crisp morning for some SERIOUS shopping! I am DONE!! Everyone bought for and I only went $1.01 over budget! (not bad! LOL) I hit Kohl's and had the best deals! I needed new washclothes. By the time i made it to that portion on the list, the colors were all picked over. They were on sale 12/$2.49 (down from 12/$10.00) So, i was going to walk away, but i decided to see if there were any hopes for neutral colors. Then amidst the sea of left over purple ones i saw a batch of taupe ones sticking out. i grabbed them and saw that they were $1.99! Sweet!! So i looked for another one and found one, looked at the tag at it was priced for 12/$.99!!! LOL SOLD!! I don't know what they were thinking, but i grabbed the $.99 pack and RAN! How great is that! 90% off! not too shabby!

Then i was off to children's place. I had 35% off already clearanced items and got a ton of stuff for the boys and nate's little brother. $89 worth of clothes for $49. again, not too shabby! I was so pumped. Then it was off to baby gap with a gift card (rarely to never my own funds in that store!!) and i found a $50 coat for jackson for $9.97!! SOLD!

I'll spare you the rest of the details, but i had a great shopping day.

Tonight, we took the kids to get their pics taken for christmas. can anyone say NIGHTMARE!! LOL Owen was an angel....Jackson's halo was less shiny. Hopefully we will get a few good poses out of the whole ordeal and i will be able to post updated pics of Owen since we are still w/o a camera. sad.

Owen is growing like a weed. cooing, smiling, wonderful angel baby!!

Jackson is a great little guy! He's growing up so fast. New word...."NO!" (pray for me!!!) it's getting old, but i just have to choose to focus on the 90% of the time where he's less depraved! :)

On saturday i turned 28. I can't believe it! I actually thought that i was turning 27! (you know you're old when... :) We got all dressed up and Nathan took me to a really nice restaurant. I had seafood lasagna (YUMMO!) and nathan had the prime rib (of course.) Then we went for a walk at the outlets and before we got out of the car, nathan told me to close my eyes if i wanted my present. tons of present options flooded my mind and then he placed in my hand the most BEAUTIFUL red leather handbag with big shiny silver buckles on it. It is soooo classy and i LOVE it! Who knew wilson's leather was such a great place to get a present from!!

My sister Jenny made me a scrapbook - it is so beautiful!!! (thanks j-mo!)

I have been reading a website called money saving moms (thanks Jenny). I am astounded how little these ladies pay for groceries. i have always thought i was really good at saving $$ on groceries etc...but these ladies are amazing. they make my head hurt trying to figure out how to use coupons effectively.

What do you do for groceries? Do you just go to one grocery store? What are double/triple coupons? I feel like there is even more money out there to be saved! :)


TwoMuths said...

Well I personally loved hearing all the little details - which I'm sure does not surprise you! LOL. GREAT shopping deals! I stood in line at Kohls for over an hour for my $20 Flip Ease. Woo hoo for easier floor cleaning! I guess I should have checked out the washcloths!

On double/triple coupons - stores in our area double the manufacturer coupons up to a certain amount. I would be ecstatic if they tripled, but they do not. In our town, the magic number is 50 cents - so anything under that is worth double. The best way to find out if the stores in your area double is to just get out the phone book and call the stores to ask what their coupon policies are - if they accept printed coupons, if they double coupons, etc.

We do the Grocery Game, which is a list that comes out every week matching the coupons in the area's Sunday paper to the ads and allowing you to make a list of items to buy at each store. I typically visit 2 grocery stores and 2 drug stores each week, but with my list and coupons pulled before we leave, it's not bad at all - I can be in & out and don't have too much of a problem taking Aaron along. Well, you know, as long as it's not too close to nap time! HA.

Let me know if you want to try out the Grocery Game! You can try it for $1 for 4 weeks. twomuths at gmail dot com.

The Heller Family said...

It is so funny that you thought you were turning 27! I did the same thing this year. A lady at church told me I was turning 28. "No, I'll be 27," I argued. "No, you'll be 28," she countered. After a few rounds of this I said, "Look, I was born in 1979, so that means I'll be...28. Sorry."

Carrie said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday - I didn't have too much trouble with turning 28 but I skipped my 27th year by telling everyone I was 26 (I went back and apolagized, but they just looked at my like I was loony). It sounds like a great week. I also enjoyed some great deals this week.

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