Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's the verdict

So i decided what i will be doing for the craft for Ladies' Seminar. I don't have pics yet, but they are hanging in my room and i LOVE THEM! What you ask? We are going to be doing is a decorative plate trio. They are sooo easy and sooo cute. Hopefully the masses will think so as well!

- 2 salad plates and a dinner plate at walmart (they were a dollar each)
- modge podge (or you could use white glue with a little water mixed in)
- coordinating fabric to your home
- sponge brush
- scissors
- plate hangers ($1.50)

Trace a circle onto your fabric an inch bigger than the size of your plates and then cut it out.
Apply the Modge Podge to the back of a plate and affix the fabric to the back of the plate.
Put the Modge Podge on the back edge of the plate to keep fabric from fraying.
Allow to dry completely ( i like to let it sit for several hours, until the fabric is hard.)

cut off excess fabric around edges (you may need to put a little more MP under the edge after you cut it.)

Then you just put the plate hangers onto the plates and hang them on your wall. We even have next year's craft lined up!

I'll post a pic soon!!


Alicia said...

Sounds cute, Shyla. My mom has done decoupage but I never liked how it turned out. She used a collage of papers and pictures and stuff. Your fabric idea sounds much classier. Be sure to post photos so we can copy your creativity!

Erin Neiner said...

This sounds easy & cute (& cheap!). Can't wait to see pics!! I love the style of your home decor & taste!

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