Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So, in April (which may sound far away, but in my reality it's not...) we have a ladies' seminar every year at High Point. Last year was the first year that we chose to do a "Craft workshop" as something for the ladies to do on Friday night for fun. We did a small flower arrangement last year. i had about 10-15 ladies show up and it sort of turned out like i would imagine it would be like for a kindergarten teacher trying to explain a craft to her class with a certain finished product in mind. None of them turned out like i had planned or imagined...but they all left happy :). So, sinc ei hadn't heard any positive or negative feedback from last year, i just assumed (silly me :) that we were not doing it again this year. you "that was a nice idea shy, but it didn't work as we would have hoped" Anyway, all that to say, i just got the call that the brochure was going out soon and they wanted to know what the craft was for this year so they could include it and a pic of it in the brochure! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! So, i need your help! Any ideas of something simple that you think would be fun to do if you went to a ladies' seminar. I need something simple and not too time consuming. It needs to be something that a beginner can do but anyone would enjoy. So, PLEASE flood me with ideas! If it is a craft that will involve them coming prepared with something from home to customize or bringing a yard if coordinating fabric from home i need to know so i can put that in the brochure for them to bring with them. I thought that something they could do for their house (involving them bringing something might be good and generate interest...but i don't know yet what "that" is.)

So, HELP a sistah out!! Thanks so much!
Looking forward to what you send my way!

Ps- I am officially a Permanent Resident....ahhh, it feels good to be one of the legal ones!!


ashley said...

hmmm...puffy paint shirts..what? we made cool ones at camp that said Fro Fridays!=) I'm sure they'd love it!
Ok, jk, I'll think about it though!

Karen said...

Congrats on your PR. But then you were never one of the "illegal ones..." --were you??? :)

As far as the craft goes, I'm no crafty gal--I'm sure I can't help you. But you are so gifted that way; I am certain that the Lord will give you the perfect idea!

Carrie said...

Beth Stamper has some great ideas at her blog also Tricia Traxler made a really cool jouranl on Oct 22, at my mom did this to a photo album one year for a ladies retreat. Hope you find a great idea!

pamela s said...

First thing I thought of was a grapevine wreath for the front door decorated with some spring flowers & ribbon.
There's those cute fleece blankets where you buy 2 coordinating fleece panels, the 4 sides are cut into strips, then tie the 2 blankets together.
Hope those ideas help you get your creative juices going!

Busch family said...

Hey Shyla,

I found this cute idea for a door hanger at It's similar to Pam's idea, but slightly different. You can find it here:

Sorry for the long link. I know that it's fall-themed, but I'm sure that there are some spring/summer flowers or something that would work just as well as the corn. I love the ribbon tied at the top - I think it looks so elegant!
Another idea I had was to decorate a cloth bag. I know they have some cool paint and stencils and stuff at Michael's or even Walmart. I bought a little bag decorating kit as a prize for one of my piano students once and she did a great job with it. I guess it might be a little simplistic, but it would definitely be easy and unintimidating.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll think of something great to do. I'm getting all excited just thinking about doing some projects around here! :)
Have a great day.

A Weaver's Touch said...

Hey, Shyla - I lead a ladies' Bible study each week, and we do about two crafts a month as part of our fellowship time. We're doing a great one this coming Wednesday (Nov 7th) - - - a decorative box that can be used as a gift box or a jewelty box - or whatever you choose. It involves those brown "cardboard" boxes (all shapes and sizes at craft stores - and SUPER cheap!), paintable caulk (88 cents per tube)and then the 88-cent paints and some stain - - they look like amazing, very expensive boxes when you're done - they sound soooo tacky - but they're really AWESOME and super easy. I can send you details if you want rather than taking up more comment space! I've loved peeking in your blog after getting updated on Facebook!

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