Sunday, October 28, 2007


so, what are you kiddies dressing up as for Halloween? I was so excited about it this year and now we have Revival services that fall on Halloween AND Nate's birthday. Talk about ill timed! :) (you may be thinking i need this revival week more than i think i do! LOL)

Anyway, I think that i may dress Jackson up as a little clown (if he'll sit still long enough for me to paint his face) i really wanted him to be a little monkey...but couldn't find one cheap enough that i liked! Owen will be a little pea pod (courtesy of Auntie Christina Hairgrove) so, i decided that wednesday we are going to go out on the town during the day all dressed up! It will make all the old ladies coo anyway! :) I don't know if nate will approve of dress up for revival! :) (plus he hates clowns!)

Owen is growing like a WEED!!! He is 9 weeks old. Weighs 13 lbs 9oz and is 25" long. Jackson didn't weigh 13 lbs 11oz until he was 18 weeks!! Owen has gained 5 lbs, 4" and 2" in head circ.!! today i put a 6month one piece outfit on him b/c he's so long!


Abby Sokul Turner said...

WOW Shyla! Owen definitely is a growing boy! Elijah is 4 months and just now starting to wear 3-6 month clothes, but some are still big! He's a little peanut - short and all - not like he has height on his side with me and Vince!

Can't wait to see pictures of Jackson and Owen all dressed up! I'm sure they will be so adorable!

Karen said...

Way to grow, Owen! And I'm totally impressed, Mama, that you remember what Jackson weighed... or did you look it up? :)

Shyla said...

haha!! karen, if you think about it, i really could remember since they are not that far apart! LOL but i must admit, i did look it up! :)

nate, christina, and connor said...

can't wait to see that pea pod. :) but i have to admit, the only redeeming quality of the clown will be that it's jackson... sorry, not a clown fan either. :) they are freaky... unless they're little kids in october.

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