Sunday, February 04, 2007

They are the Comeback KINGS!!!

What a GREAT GREAT Game!! Tony Dungy coached a stellar game and gave all the Glory to God! What a neat thing. To have a man who was being honored as the first African American coach to win the Superbowl put that aside and honor the LORD for the win and that serving Him was a greater honor. Too cool!! The Colts have played so well in coming up from behind to win big games. I love football! :)

This was an especially great year to watch the football game for me b/c for the first time we didn't have anyone over (which was weird) but it was so nice b/c (no offense ladies...) I was able to actually WATCH the game and not feel like i should be in the kitchen with the other ladies who were uninterested in the game!! It was a good night overall!!

Did anyone else think that the commercials were less than impressive?? I think the Nationwide insurance with Kevin Federline was probably the funniest. I couldn't believe how mediocre the commercials were. Am I alone in this??

Well, Good night folks, and here's to next year!!


Anonymous said...

Having three older brothers, I grew up with Sundays being about God first and football second.
The game was soo cool. I was equally impressed with the glory going to God. The commercials were terrible! Dave and I were just saying that the only funny one was of Kfed. It fooled Dave--he called me in to say he could believe they wasted 2.5 million to promote Kevin's new cd.
So now next time I know...I can have you over to WATCH the game!

Alicia said...

Great minds think alike, girl! I just posted about how disappointing the commercials were this year. I forgot about the K.Fed one, that one did make us laugh.

We had a quiet superbowl evening too and it was great to just eat nachos together and enjoy the playing and commercial-watching without have to visit or clean up right away. :)

What a testimony Tony Dunge is to the league! I've heard that he never swears to his players/coaching staff and that is by far the classiest coach to work for in the nfl. I'm glad they won!

Jocelyn Pagano said...

I only saw about an hour of the game, but the commercials I saw were really dumb! I agree. Several of them were nothing new - just ones that play on normal days too.

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