Friday, December 22, 2006

Road Trip Whirlwind

Hello Everyone!

Nathan, Jackson and I are on the road. We left on Thursday morning and stopped in Bolivar, OH to visit Nathan’s family on the way to our ultimate destination of Lafayette, IN. Nate’s family has an old farm in OH where we stayed with his Aunt Sharon, and also had dinner with his Uncle Dave, Aunt Pat and cousin Tana. It was a short overnight visit, but it’s always nice to be able to stop by and see all of them on our travels. (I can't believe we didn't take any pics!!)

Then, it was on to Lafayette, IN for our friend Denny Vauter’s wedding. We had an enjoyable time. Nathan was in the wedding and Jackson and I had fun just hanging around with Denny’s family. They are dear friends of mine (and I just realized that I left without taking any pictures with them! L sheesh!!) Anyway, Jackson was a hit and by the time we pulled out of their driveway this morning, he was ready not to be held anymore!! He is super busy and LOVES to be scooting around! Jackson took his first 3 little crawl steps at “Aunt Cathy’s” (Denny’s mom) and we were so proud! LOL

We were able to see the Cushmans, Mrs. Judi Coats and her mom and some other good friends from the area –

NOT TO MENTION TIM MCGRAW!!! You’ll have to scroll down for a pic of him. He didn’t sing, but he made an appearance!

Told ya!!

After the wedding we went and saw my friend Sherry Cole and meet her husband Troy. ( I am sure that some of you have read their blog and know that they have bought an old church and renovated it to be their home. I must say that I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like when we got there, since I couldn’t really picture in my head how they were making it work…but it looks soooo great!!! They have done an amazing job with color, space and reusing some of the furniture that was left in the church when they purchased it! They took a beautiful old library

table and made it their sink in the bathroom,

used an outdoor wroght iron canopy for their

dining area and it looks sooo pretty! Nathan and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and we think it’s fair to say that it was a highlight of our trip! They even have a church bell that can see quasi moto in the pic ringing the bell!! :)

The car ride has been interesting. Thankfully we have been able to break our trips up into 6 hr

. increments. From PA to IN was 12hrs, but we were able to stop in OH at the 6hr. mark. IN to

Canada (which is where we are currently headed) is only 6hrs. (if we would have gone from PA to Canada, it would have been 12hrs.) Jackson travels fine, but you can tell he’s sick of his car seat in a quick hurry. The last time we traveled with him he was 3 months old and would just sit still in his seat. Nathan took him out of his car seat at a rest stop, and if Jackson could have said “Woohoo” and done a cartwheel, I think he might have!

Yup, that's what he's doing!!

AHH!! All better!! LOL

Today we have left Lafayette and are on the road to Canada via Ypsilanti, MI where Jackson will meet his little friend Livvie Adams and I will get to see my dear friend Karen. I am looking forward to seeing her little one. It will be a short visit, and then we must continue on to the Border where we will meet my dad for dinner and then onto Emmanuel Baptist Church for their Christmas Cantata and seeing my mom, sister and the congregation!! PHEW!

It’s been so fun being able to see friends along our journey!

I am writing on the road right now and I will update this post with pics and how things went after we get the Canada!


Erin Neiner said...

Hey Shyla,
Sounds fun and exciting!! Traveling cross country! Good for you guys! We have a trip to PA coming up in Jan for Brion Yarnell's wedding and I'm already hesitant about it and it's only 5 hours. But with Jack nursing every 3 it will have to be split as well. The great thing is that we happen to have a DVD player in our that will at least take care of Drew! Hope you have had a great Christmas!!! So much fun showing of your little one! He is really beautiful!! Also, who did your friend Denny marry??? She looks so familiar to me!?!?!?

Sarah said...

Hey Shyla:) I hope the wedding went well, lol:) And that your car is ok from hitting that deer??? What in the world. Anywho...Hopefully we will get together one of these days. Jackson looks so adorable!!! Have a safe trip back and enjoy the Holidays with your family:)


Anonymous said...

SHYLA!!! Jackson is SO ADORABLE! Oh my word - he is growing up way to fast - What a man! Thanks for the pics! Hope the journeys went well! We'll have to catch up sometime! Miss you so much!
Love ya
Hugs and Kisses to the little man from aunt jenny!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when Denny would get married! hope you guys had fun! Also, Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great time with your family! We got 2 feet of snow, and my family is coming out on Friday, when we're supposed to get another big storm, so I'm praying that they get here! Crazyness!

Erin Neiner said...

Yes, I thought it was Alicia!! She taught at my high school while I was at NBBC...never had her as a teacher but she taught some of my siblings! Too funny!!! I'll have to pass on the news to my fam!

Anonymous said...

seriously, who did Denny marry?!!! and how does he know Tim McGraw?

Anonymous said...

Which picture is the one of Tim McGraw? Why was he at the wedding?

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like a fun trip! i love your hair... so pretty. my brother matt just failed alisha's english class!

how fun. i am glad my schooling days are over. now i just have to help my kids through school...yikes.

journeyer said...

i too, was shocked to see Denny married. good for him. And I hope you've had a splendid time with all your travels.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

hey in case you want to see pics from Megan's wedding ... !!
Everything was beautiful! Wish you could have been there!! Hey - - I show pics of Jackson everytime someone new is at my house! They are just soo cute! Keep em coming!
By the way - if you have an extra family pic laying around your house ;-) I'd love to have one for my wall!! Miss you so much - hope all is well!
Love you

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