Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well, thanks for all those who prayed for the elections... even though we took a "thumpin" :) as W.Bush said - atleast Nate's dad won! :) The shirts worked! LOL
God is good! It was a long day, but in the end all of the hard work paid off. I would love to share pics from the day, but alas i can't seem to locate the usb cord. Boohiss!!
Anyway, some other time i will get those up!

Jackson's trying and trying to crawl! It won't be long and perhaps my running around after him will bring on my dreams of a size 2 afterall! LOL We'll see, I'll keep ya posted :)

So, this week I have discovered that when Jackson is tired, if i just lay him in his crib he will cry for 2 min. and then fall asleep!! HALLELUJAH! That's a great thing! He's sitting up tall now and eating cheerios!

He had his 6 month check up yesterday and all is well. He's been steadily gaining weight and inches (which nate always teases me for saying since it only makes sense that he would be steadily gaining and growing! sheesh!!)

I think that his hair is going to be curly. It's looking that way anyway so stay tuned...there may be a new fro in town!

Well, I need to scoot! It's 70 out and i can't be on this all day!!

Does anyone else think it's weird that Jackson't been asleep for a half hour and i am still listening to his Baby Bach Dvd?? Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, it is so much easier when they're able to put themselves to sleep- good job! He is so cute, I can't wait to see how his hair grows out:)

Alicia said...

Dear, it's not natural for mothers to be a size 2 (that's what I keep telling myself anyways). Awesome news about the sleeping and cheerio-eating! Can he bet that big already?!? How's he doing with getting those crazy cheerios into his mouth?

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