Saturday, September 02, 2006

super glue to the rescue??

So, I sorta take a lot of personal pride in having nicely manicured fingernails :) They are typically a nice longer length (functional, but classy) filed, buffed and polished and my own....not fake.
Well, yesterday (after 3.5 months without a break) my thumb nail broke WAY down and it is split a quarter of the way into my nail.

STICK WITH ME HERE>>>> (isn't it funny the things that we think other people will care about?)

Nate told me that his dad was coming over in 10 minutes to work on the plumbing and they were going to have the water shut off all day, so if i wanted a shower, i needed to get up and get one.
So, I woke up this morning took a shower - even put lotion on (hooray for me!) and then it was time to fix the broken nail b/4 Jackson wakes up.
Nate calls up that his dad was here - I scurry in to my room to get dressed and caught my nail on my jean zipper. "That's it!! I've got to fix this nail!" So I get my nail glue out to fix my nail
and it comes out way faster than it ever has. So, there i am, sopping wet hair, my right thumb and my left index finger stuck together instantly. I pull, I tear, I pry...then i rushed downstairs to interrupt my husband and father-in-law with a trivial little catastrophe to interupt their hard work. I should have taken a picture!!
We all got a good laugh and thankfully I still have my skin...most of my dignity and above nail! phew!!


Alicia said...

Hee-hee, good story girl. I bet your pop-in-law had a good laugh. :)

Nail glue? I never knew there was such a thing! I keep my nails short to avoid getting poo or other nasty baby things under them. :)

Shyla said...

good call al! gross! a good hygenic tip for us all.

nate, christina, and connor said...

too funny! i'm just now getting back to the point of being able to keep my nails longer. when connor was first born, it was a miracle if i had my toes painted.

Jocelyn Pagano said...

Funny! You know if I was there, a picture would have been taken!

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