Tuesday, May 09, 2006

hello folks!

Nope, no baby news yet! :)

Yesterday afternoon Nate's mom and I went to Target and picked out some shabby chic bedding that we can make baby girl crib bedding, curtains etc... It's not an announcement, we just wanted to have the fabric on hand in case it is a baby girl! :)

Did you all watch the "David Blain: drowned alive" special last night? First of all, I can't believe we watched it - but to our defense, that's attributed to the fact taht we only get 2 channels! :) Anyway, for those of you who didn't see it, it was about this guy who chose to be in a sphere under water in NYC for a week. His hands and feet were starting to rot (GROSS!!!) and then after being underwater for a week, his finale was to be chained to the bottom of the sphere and hold his breath for 9MINUTES!!!! HELLO??? Anyway, he made it to 7:08 min - extremely impressive (and stupid!!) but seems to be ok.

I am rushing this post b/c i have to use nate's computer before he leaves for work...this is going to be a different life not having a computer all of the time. I still have not received my laptop from the ebay seller and that is stressing me out as well. How long should you wait to report someone? I bought it Apr. 27th he contacted me and said he would ship it the 29th and I have emailed him 5 times since then and he has not replied to any of my emails....i am getting a lot ticked/concerned - seeing he has our $$. Any of you all dealt with this before? I love ebay and have NEVER had a problem before. I don't want to jump the gun, but this wasn't a $5 purchase!

Well, hope that you all are doing well. Tomorrow is my official due date, so we will see what happens! :P


Carrie said...

Hey Shyla, You sound a lot more chipper today! :) Not too much longer to wait on baby, hopefully!!

The bedding you got sounds cute. It will be so exciting to find out soon if you have a boy or girl! I'm enjoying having one of each. :)

Nope, didn't see the man underwater special--since we don't get ANY channels.

I don't have any good advice for you on the ebay computer thing--we've had issues now and then with sellers, but have always been able to communicate and get things straightened out (thankfully). It doesn't sound good that he's not replying to your emails, though, and if he actually sent it on the 29th, I would think it should definitely be there by now. Hope you can get it all worked out with as little frustration as possible!!

Take care and get some rest! I'm checking here every day now, awaiting baby news! :)

TwoMuths said...

I'd see if you could get a tracking number before reporting him! Those electronics guys on Ebay scare me a little, but it's probably because of where I work! I'm sure it will work out okay! If he sent it parcel post or something crazy, it could take awhile.

Alicia said...

Hey dear,
Can't say that I watched the underwater guy but I read about his stunt on msn.com. The things people will do for attention and publicity!

The longest we've had to wait for something from ebay was 2 weeks. i was starting to get nervous and then it arrived. I think you should email him and just ask what's up. We bought Matt a laptop off ebay and it's great!

Love the shabby chic line from Target. Are you guys registered there?

Don't fret pet, your babe will be here before you know it! Did you get to do something fun this weekend to take your mind off things?

pamela s said...

Each day there wasn't a post, I started to wonder if Baby Rohrer was here. :)
I've had a couple nasty experiences w/ ebay and some excellent ones. The longest I had to wait for something is 4 weeks, but that's because she couldn't find a box. Go figure. Don't forget, the shipping time is based on where it's coming from too.
If you go through Paypal to pay, you're guaranteed to get your money back. One person tried to hose me, but I got all of my money back from Paypal and pretty quickly too. I would write an email threatening to report the person to ebay if they don't supply a tracking number. And then follow through. Sometimes I email people who bought from the same person (found on the seller's feedback) to see if they had trouble too. I'm sure it will show up-especially if the seller has good feedback. Hope this helps.

Karen said...

I'll remember Pam's comment if I ever have problems! I also love Ebay and have had only a couple bad experiences. Once I had to wait almost a month on a book--the seller left it in her mother's car and didn't remember... so other people besides me have mush brain, too!

Any way now, we'll hear the news! I can't wait!

Karen said...

I meant any DAY now...mush brain...

Anonymous said...

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Katie said...


Can't wait for your little sweetie to come. You're making me start to get the baby itch! Enjoy your last few days (or hours!) of doing whatever YOU want. Pig out, watch some movies, go spend some money. :) How great advice is that?!?

Love, Katie

Reads said...

Well, I would say the same as what Pam said about the ebay thing. I wouldn't fret too much, since you'll get your money back if it's a hoax. It's is just so frustrating to have to wait, for the computer and the baby!! I have started selling books on ebay, and have enjoyed it, but I can't say that we haven't run into some losers. . . Hope you'll keep yourself busy til the blessed day comes!!

Shyla said...

I haven't registered at Target. I always thought that I would, but after going to babies r us, it doesn't seem necessary to register anywhere else. The good thing is that if things are cheaper at target, they can see it on my bbrus registry and get it at target !:)

Katie, I would normally jump on the "spend money wagon" but it just hit me that today was my first day of not earning anymore money! I am going to have to put my heels on soon and push my MK Lipstick! LOL We have been watching "24" dvd's lately together to pass the time, so i am TRYING to relax a little! :)

Pam, you crack me up! I had to laugh when you said you got "hosed" by someone on ebay! I loved picturing you saying that in my head! :)

As far as the whole ebay scenario goes...it has not been shipped. that's why i am frustrated. i have tried to contact the seller several times to no avail. DON'T THEY KNOW IF I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER I CAN'T BLOG??? HELLLLOOOO??!! lol

nate, christina, and connor said...

we had a rather unfortunate episode with ebay and a computer. let's just say, someone in england is having a great time surfing the net with our computer and our 1000 presidential flash cards. unfortunately, we didn't go through paypal so we did get 'hosed' (that cracked me up too!). but as nathan says, 'well, we learned that lesson....money comes, money goes.'
baby rohrer come out please. ace wants to play! soon. very soon.
oh, and about that crack pot david blain....WACKO! i think he's insane. he's gonna push the limit until he kills himself and then someone will say, 'oh, he's just trying to come back from the dead.' what a nut job!

journeyer said...

i watched it few times as i was flipping channels. And i almost posted about it too. what a crazy crazy guy. i don't know whether to be impressed that he made it 7 minutes or whether to be mad at him that he didn't make in 9 minutes. what a stupid stupid guy!!!! did you see the part where he was laying on the couch and holding his breath for like 5 minutes and he started to convulse and have his lips turn different colors? Ug, i had to flip it again at that point.

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