Saturday, May 20, 2006


Ok, I have finally gotten Jackson to a point where he is sitting in his swing AWAKE and I can have a moment to laboriously blog on the TURTLE SLOW PACED DIAL UP INTERNET (LOL). Don't get me wrong - I am thankful that I atleast have the internet. OK...on with the birthing story.

My husband Nathan has been more concerned about me getting this post up for fear that "my peeps would be getting worried about me" Please laugh outloud at the thought of hearing Nathan say "peeps" - it's as funny as you think!! I kept assuring him that you all gave me permission to recoop and that if he was that worried about it - he was free to blog himself (which was the original plan with instructions that we agreed on before we went into the hospital...) But, I am glad to atleast be back to share what happened with you all.

I will spare you (tyararr) the gory details :), but I thought I would atleast let you know how things went.

I started having contractions on Friday the 12th at 1:30am. They were 10 minutes apart all night long and then when I woke up and started moving around - they went to 20 min. So, I went about my day cleaning around the house and contracting the entire day. Not fun! Plus, I couldn't go to the hospital b/c they weren't getting to 5 min apart. So, I decided to help the situation along - I hopped onto our riding lawn mower and went charging down our hill cutting the grass - a VERY HUMOROUS sight to see an enormous pregnant woman bounding around on a John Deere tractor! :) Then, I went and bought flowers for our yard and Nathan and I planted flowers for a few hours. By this time, I am contracting more, but I still can't go to the hospital. By the time 1am rolled around saturday morning, i had been having significant contractions for 24hrs. Not fun! It was kind of a bummer b/c I thought that with all of the contractions that I had been having that I would be holding a baby by early saturday morning.

It was more of the same on Saturday but my contractions had gotten down to 7 minutes, and stronger. I was sure that the baby was coming. I spent most of my day slothing around the house in pain, went for a walk with Nathan, hung out in the bathtub (hoping for a Carrie experience! :) and watching TV. I was getting REALLY impatient. I had called the Dr. that morning and they said that I was experiencing false labor and it could still be several days before I was really ready. (Enter BAWL-Fest 2006!!!) How could she tell me that it could be several MORE days!!??? I was instantly discouraged and resolved that God would bring this baby in His time and for me to mope around would only make the waiting worse. I also called again at 8pm saturday night and my Dr. said that if I could talk to her through a contraction that I just needed to take a warm bath, go to bed and call her again in the morning.

Fast forward to 11pm Saturday night. I decided that we were NOT going to call the Dr. again for advice and that we were just going to go to the hospital. We arrived there and I was escorted to the triage area where they assessed me and decided that they would admit me. PTL!! I was 4cm dilated. Twelve hrs. later...I was still 4 cm dilated. Seriously! I couldn't even make that up!!

So, I was given the option of pain meds. I went with stadol to take the edge off. It actually slowed my contractions down and made me feel loopy! I hated it! They took me off of the stadol and told me that I could either get an epidural to help relax me and allow the dilation process to work more effectively or, I could be in labor for another 12 hrs...hmmm....let's see....more pain and tiredness.....or relief and sleep! ? Christina...I got the epidural!! WONDERFUL! In two hrs. after the epidural I was fully dilated and ready to push. Jackson came out in 15 minutes!! It only took 10 pushes! PTL!!!

He came out with his eyes wide open, screaming and perfect! :) I had just finished saying to the nurses that I didn't think that I would cry when I saw him for the first time b/c I was so excited, but 2 minutes later, they put him on my chest and I BAWLED!! It was awesome! I got to watch the while delivery in a huge mirror! It was amazing!

God is so good and we are so thankful that our little Jackson Chase is here!
7lbs, 15oz.
20.5" long

Well, I could have come up with a better telling of this tale for sure if I had more sleep and time - but this will have to suffice!! Miss talking to you all!


Katie said...

Shy -

Yay! I'm so happy to hear from you. Sorry about the slow internet. Can you believe that Jackson's almost 2 weeks old? Tomorrow, right?

I loved reading all of the details; I'm so sorry about how long your labor was though! At least it seems that your pushing time was pretty short; that's SO great! I'm glad you enjoyed your epidural. They are wonderful, aren't they?

I suppose it's hard for you to upload pics, so I'll wait patiently. I'm sure he's even more of a doll now!

Tricia said...

Shy, it was fun reading your story, although seemingly not so much fun for you...except the having Jackson part. It was good to hear from you and know that things are going well. Take care!

Abby Turner said...

Praise the Lord for a perfect little baby! I'm so glad to finally hear the story of Jackson. I'm sure you are still attempting to get caught up on your rest. Thanks for sharing the story. You have been in our prayers!!! Love to all! Oh, and picturing Nathan saying peeps cracks me up, even this long after seeing you guys!

nate, christina, and connor said...

oh, my word let me catch my breath! i am rolling on the floor wheezing right now. i started when you told us nathan said 'peeps' and it only got worse from there! :) oh, shy, i can't even tell you how i feel for you! i was at home for much of my beginning stages of labor--and whoever came up with the term "false labor" should be sent to a torture chamber b/c there's NOTHING false about it!-- and it was not cool. i was cleaning the kitchen between contractions! i didn't have it half as bad as you though..poor thing! and i'm SO GLAD you got your epidural!!!!! :) and there's no shame in that game either! i proudly proclaim it. labor was bad enough without no thank you on all natural. i had a mirror too and at first it freaked me out and i wouldn't look, but then my doc said i HAD to look to see my progress. boy was i glad i did...20 minutes of pushing, tops. people will hate you forever b/c of that! :)
congrats, you have entered the secret club of labor stories and now you will forever have a connection with random women everywhere. you have every right to chat away in mall restrooms when strange women ask you...proudly wear your 'i'm a labor and delivery champion' button everywhere!

loved the story!

jenny pittsley said...

I agree, enduring contractions and waiting is not fun. Mine were somewhat steady for a long time, and then slowed way down, and there are few things more discouraging than the baby being tantalizingly just out of reach. It seems to take forever, but when you look back, it was only a couple of days.

In the words of one of my new-mommy-friends' husband, "drugs are great." I'm so glad the epidural worked out so well for you. Once you finally get it, you just feel, "what were we waiting for? I could have used this hours ago!"

Congratulations again, and I'm looking forward to hearing how Jackson's doing and how you're adjusting to everything. It only gets more fun from here!

Karen said...

Great that it's over, right? :) Jackson will definitely hear about it when he gets bigger!

Shannon said...

That was such a great had Stephen and I cracking up, but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. I can't believe your doctor told you to go to bed and call in the morning! Good for you for going for the epidural, I wanted to give the anesthesiologist a big hug when he came to my rescue!

It's just the bestest feeling in the whole world when they give you your baby and you have those first few moments with them. I'll never forget that. It's so true what they say, you totally forget everything you just went through and it was ALL worth it!

carissa said...

Great story! I'm glad you found a few "free moments" to post. I loved the part where you just went to the hospital instead of calling the doctor. Way to go!!! He's a cutie. Rest and nap whenever you can.

Kelli said...

Shyla-Great Story! I am so glad that you are holding little Jackson Chase. I can't beleive he is already 2 weeks old! Has the time flown by for you? He is beautiful and you are a happy family of 3. Can't wait to see more pictures of him when you can get that to work! Take care.

Sarah said...

What a story! It does sound like you had quite the wait, but what a happy little family of three you have! Are you just loving being a mom? I can hardly wait until our little girl gets here! Reading your story gets me even more excited =).

Alicia said...

Aren't epidurals awesome?!?! I was practically kissing the nurses when I got mine. Yay rah for your new 3 person familia! Jackson is picture perfect! And you look gorgeous too! Welcome to the world of motherhood, dear. We miss you in the blogging world but we need you to rest and enjoy your crying sleeping newborn. :) Enjoy it!

Heather said...

Miss talking to you too...but you are now a mommy!!! Enjoy every minute of it, girlfriend!!! What a great story...and a happy ending!! He is so handsome!!!

Jocelyn Pagano said...


I loved hearing the story! I still can't believe you are a mom, but I know you will be a great one. I can't wait to meet Jackson someday!

Allison (Brown) Golden said...

Hi Shy--Sorry, I just had time to look at your blog, (Emmy and Ward's wedding is on Saturday--and yes, she still looks and acts like she's 12--but they are a cute couple) things have been hectic!! Seriously, who in the sam hill told you drugs were a last resort thing? Hello--drugs are what make having babies fun!!! And for baby Rohrer #2, who cares how many minutes your contractions are apart. When you want that baby, remember you are the one paying for it (physically and financially). But just a side note, epidurals do nothing for broken tailbones, otherwise they're a very wonderful gift from the Lord. I'm glad you gave in to the drugs!

Anonymous said...

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