Tuesday, April 11, 2006

That's quite a range, sir!

This is my OBGYN - Dr. Alex Massengale. Doctor extraordinaire!
Yesterday I had a check up and when we went to his office for a consult afterwards he told us "everything was on track with the baby - everything looked great - on schedule for May 10th!"
"Great!" i thought! Just what we wanted to hear. Then he said, now I need to tell you that a baby due on May 10th means that you could deliver anywhere from April 19th ( YIKES! But then maybe i will be able to breath and walk again...) or May 25th WHAT!!!! NOT COOL!!! that's 15 days PAST my due date - unacceptable!!)

He smiled gently and assured me that it was just a range and that he needed me to be informed of all of the possibilities...

That's quite a range, sir!!


TwoMuths said...

Hang in there, Shyla (and you can remind me in 10-15 weeks to do the same thing!!) :-) Yikes! That's coming soon!!

Hairgrove's Hangout said...

Hi sweetie! Never fear, your Nate is near. Don't worry, Nathan can pursade the dr. that you NEED to give birth, and on May 10th. Sometimes the dr.'s just need a little "husbandly" push before you push. We're praying for you three, stay healthy, keep walking, and keep praying. Love ya,
Jer and Cher

nate, christina, and connor said...

stunning likeness of your doc. my guy was fab as well. he actually delivered me! talk about full circle...but i guess that's why i trusted him, i mean if he helped bring me into this world....job well done, sir!
the last few weeks fly....prepare for the ride of your life....I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! this is great! and just wait until the baby is born and you're there in the labor and deliv. and you suddenly realize YOU CAN BREATHE AGAIN! it's so fun... and then they give you the baby WOO HOO double fun!!

Alicia said...

Yikes! I remember very clearly the waiting game for our little baby's arrival. It will be here before you know it girl! How exciting! We were disappointed that Chloe came so late as our dr. told us we could go early. Weren't we surprised when CHloe arrived 2 weeks late and I had to be induced. I was so ansy those last 4 weeks. Hang in there! Your little one will be more than worth the wait!

courtney said...

first off, I was in my house by the phone until 7:35pm ran to get a sheet at my mom-in-law to take Carter Cone's pictures today. I was back at 7:50 and never checked my messages. I hope I am not the cause of a malnurished baby.
Second, I was so excited I literally teared up when I saw who your ob was. Dr Alex made the whole birth thing so special because he is a STRONG believer, very active in his church, in fact, pulled an all-nighter when Jake was born to make it to the Easter dawn service. He prayed with me, for my children, for their salvation, and for our parenting. It was truly a gift from God to have him as part of the experience. Why do you think I have 4 kids? :) I could not get enough of the good dr.
I am soooo happy for you.

Shannon said...

I'm glad your doctor was realistic with you. They gave me false hope about going early and it didn't happen, and I think that plays with your mind. Just prepare for the latest and be surprised if it's early! :)

Anonymous said...

There! Are you happy now=) Good talking to you. Have a great night!
Love Ash

pamela s said...

I've never been in your situation before, but just think each day is one closer to the big birth day! We'll be praying for patience & endurance for you guys!

Anonymous said...

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