Monday, April 10, 2006

Alright, let the debate begin...

ILLEGAL Immigration...

I am interested in this topic b/c I am from another country and I have been here LEGALLY for several years - spending money I earned LEGALLY - to become a lawful resident, or citizen of this country.

What is going on in the minds of Americans today that there is even debate about ILLEGAL immigration? It's illegal, period.

This topic is frustrating b/c there are those of us who are going about the immigration process (which is tedious, and lengthy) in the proper way, spending our hard earned money towards the process and we are being "pushed out of line" by those who jump fences, hide in cargo containers or just lie at the border about their intent to get into the country. This dishonest behavior is what makes the immigration process so difficult and lengthy. And the difficult and lengthy process of immigration is what makes illegals avoid it altogether.

I can't believe the scores and scores of people who are marching to support illegal activity. They are filled with zeal, but a real lack of knowledge.

This is not a human rights issue. This is a legal issue. Illegal immigrants have no civil rights in a country they are not a citizen of b/c it's not their country. The only human right would be the basic standard of fair treatment during deportation. If an American went to another country worked underground for below minimum wage and was caught...they would be deported with few questions asked, I am sure, whether they were helping to further the economy or not especially in Mexico.

There are so many Americans who are below the poverty line...why can't they do the jobs that the illegals are doing? BECAUSE THE ILLEGALS HAVE THEIR JOBS!! Now, I am not naive to think that Americans are not prideful and chose not to do “those” jobs b/c they are "too good" to work in the fields or they are too lazy. I realize that there are those sorts of Americans out there, as there are those sorts of people anywhere in the world. Hiring illegals is not the answer, it’s wrong and takes away opportunities for Americans or Legal Immigrants to work. Shame on the American employers that are hiring and empowering those who have come here to work without obtaining proper documentation and visas just because they can pay them less. If they would pay fair wages, there would be Americans who would be willing to do the work.

Clearly I am for Legal Immigration. I certainly don't have the answers but we could allow for more open immigration slots if they are able bodied, legitimately documented etc... And we could also create a guest worker program for those who are wanting to come over (a temporary work permit with an avenue for citizenship later if they so desire.)

I do know that Immigration is an option, and one that should be pursued by those who desire to be a part of any country that is not their own.

What do you think?


courtney said...

what has made me laugh/throw up about this whole debate is that demcrats are so narrow-minded that they cannot see past their hate of Bush to realize that promoting such illegal actions is absurd. I watched a few debate on Fox yesterday, and when asked why they would even argue in support of criminal activity, the response was "I guess we are all criminals then because I have gotten a speeding ticket; haven't you? Just give the immigrants a fine and be done with it"
Be done with it? This is a topic I am highly opinionated about because Colorado has soooo many illegal Mexicans in our state, that it was actually a vote several years ago {on the STATE, not local ballot) if Spanish should be the official language of Colorado. GIVE ME A BREAK
The day there is an official language besides English in any United State----well it will be a sad one to explain to our children.
I am all for supporting those who want to be here legally. But wouldn't it put off an alarm in your head that if someone feels they need to enter the US ilegally then they might have something to hide???

Karen said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, Shy! I was glad to see your admission about the difficulty and expense of obtaining legal citizenship. Have the brainless picketers thought that maybe the process is difficult and expensive because of all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS???

nate, christina, and connor said...

shyla, you little immigrant! i love it when you get on your soap box!! i can just hear you getting all worked up....hormones and all. :-)
at least you're leagal now so they can't deport you :-)

Troy & Sherry said...

i feel your pain - i have always done it legally and spent hours of time and money - i think she should have loaded them all up at the riots and sent them home - i was sad to see the blatant expression of criminal acts.
hang in there during your "range" love ya -

pamela s said...

Totally agree with you Shyla. Whenever I hear about this, it makes my blood boil. Although I was born into this country, I think of my great grandparents who went through the system to become citizens.
Can you imagine if we moved to Mexico illegally, flew the US flag on our cars, demanded that the Mexican teachers speak & teach our children in English, take advantage of their welfare system, etc. I doubt that the Mexican police would have any trouble kicking our butts to the curbs!
I guess - Only in America!
Disclaimer-I'm not against new immigrants, just the illegal ones. :)

TwoMuths said...

Okay, I have been holding back but I must say that it would be great if the government had a united front and identified the goals and then took steps to achieve those goals. In MI, the minimum wage was just raised, effective in October. Think this will help in the fight against illegal immigration?

Note the sarcasm.

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