Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hello? Is Mrs. Shala Royer there?

Don't you all just LOVE telemarketing calls?
Well, in March a lady called our house and you could tell she was so scared to call and asked if I would be kind enough to allow her to ask me a few questions about NYC. "Fine...I can wash dishes while she talks to me" i thought.
So, I answer her questions about whether or not I would enjoy a free weekend in Manhattan - and we hang up and it's over. "WOW! They didn't try to sell me anything, weird!"

Two weeks later, while Nathan is gone they call again and after the "pressure" technique I finally use the pregnancy card and tell them I am going to burst forth with child anyday and that there was no trips being planned in the near future further away than the hospital. They congratulated me (how thoughtful...) and I asked them not to call again.

Last night, they call again "This is the Manhattan club is Shyla Rohrer there?" Nathan has picked up this call however, and says " I am her husband, you can talk to me!" I chuckled because Nathan LOVES messing with Telemarketers. He will let them talk him through the whole schpeal (sp?) twice if they'll do it. He'll pace around the livingroom asking them questions, expressing to them sarcastically about what a great deal it sounds like and how interesting it sounds. It is HILARIOUS! I beg him to hang up and leave the poor people alone!! The two of us can be laughing and the people just keep on talking - it's really amazing!

Anyway, that's all. It just tickled me and thought I would share it with you all.

It's Administrative Professional's Day today. I am not even sure why there is one of these b/c Bosses only remember it if their secretary tells them! LOL and who's gonna do that? So, for as long as I can remember, unless a wife sends flowers, it's really just another day. So I sent an ecard to my mom and Heather since we are at the computer all day at work wishing them a Happy AP Day! THEN !! My husband walks in two minutes ago with an unexpectedly sweet bouquet of flowers and says "Happy Administrative Assistant Day, Honey!" AWWW What a nice boy!! :)


pamela s said...

Funny that you bring this up. I never know what to say to the telemarketers who call work (I answer all the calls). When I was living at home, I told them my parents had died just so they would take my parents' names off their list!
Your hubby is very sweet!

TwoMuths said...

Pam, you crack me up! Did you guys know that you can put your phone number on a "do not call" list? It's very easy, and we put our home number on it, and I did all the lines for here at work. That way if people call, you can tell them you're going to file a complaint! (they are required to keep their databases updated!)

The website to add your number is and it REALLY cuts back on the calls!!!

nate, christina, and connor said...

shyla, that's hilarious. i love messing with those peeps. i did the same thing as pam, except i would say i had recently died. or i would just start talking jibberish. i love the seinfeld where jerry says, "why don't you give me your number and i'll call you back when i'm not busy. oh, you don't want people calling you at home. well now you know how i feel." classic!
my dad messes with them too. he won't add his name to do not call lists so he can have fun in the evenings. oddly enough, my sister worked for a telemarketing firm for a while.

Kelli said...

Funny stories about the telemarketer! Heston always gets mad at them. We have only gotten a few on our new phone number, though. I am sure it is only a matter of time!

My boss & his sweet wife Carissa, got me a gift for Administrative Assistant day and then he sent us to the Grind to get some drinks and then he sent us home early! That was wonderful!
Enjoy your flowers!

Heather said...

Thanks for the card! Kevin remembered it...since I am HIS ONE AND ONLY secretary for the business.

My boss did remember it on his way out...only because he had just hung up with his wife and she REMINDED him of it! Kind of funny!

Have a great day and thanks again for the card. It was so cute!

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

About the telemarketers, we each have a cell phone and no land line so thankfully we never get unwanted phone calls.

Alicia said...

Matt talks and talks to telemarketers too. He doesn't try to make fun of them he just tries to reason with them and that ALWAYS ends up going no where!

How sweet of your hubby to get you flowers today! Happy day to you (belated).

Katie said...

The office I used to work for actually did recognize AP Day! I had SUCH great bosses. We all went out to lunch (on the boss) and had a great time!

carissa said...

Happy waiting...does that make sense?? I'll pray for patience...not too much longer til it's YOUR TURN to push :)

Anonymous said...

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