Friday, March 10, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Did you watch Mr. Roger's when you were little? i was always fascinated by the fact that he could toss his shoe into his hand without ever dropping it...he was so smooth!

Anyway...It truly is a beautiful day here in good 'ol Morgantown, PA. 68 degrees is the projected high for today. I am sitting at my desk (everyone's out of the office today) wearing jeans which is a non-typical work attire and my new shirt that came in the mail from Motherhood. My locks are curly and pulled up today and I have the door propped open so i can atleast hear and smell the nice day outside. What a relaxing day!

Tomorrow, Nathan and I have opted to take the 8 hr birthing class crash course! I have a feeling that I am going to giggle a lot (or cry! LOL) I just want to see the video! I want to know, hear, see how bad it's gonna be. I want the raw truth! Actually, I am really looking forward to seeing Nathan and his reactions. I think that my giggling struggle will happen with the breathing - especially if it's the type of deal where they are playing Enya in the background and I am envisioning a stream or some sort of "happy place" like that! Sheesh! Can't wait to tell you all how that goes. We have to bring a lunch - which I am glad just popped into my head b/c i haven't thought about that! Good thing Karen had that post on lunches! I'd be stuck!

So, any dads out there have any advice for my Nate about this class - any tips to help him get through the day? What was your experience like?

Ladies - how was the class(es)?

Hope that you all are having a great day basking in God's greatness to us. He's so gracious in His giving!


Alicia said...

Hey dear,

We actually didn't take the hospital class. Instead we borrowed a few lamaze videos from the library that were very informative. We got LOTS of advice both ways about going/not going to the class. Let me know how it goes!


TwoMuths said...

Mom and Dad keep asking when we're signing up for birthing class, but...I'm skeptical, kinda like Christina. I don't REALLY want to know!!!

Give us a report when you get back--have fun!

suzanne said...

Ryan and i went to the class. I was glad that Ryan was able to learn a lot. He wasn't too keen on reading all the books like I did. So it was good for him to hear it in the condensed version. I mean, I pretty much knew what to expect (other than the exact level of pain) but Ryan was clueless. I would say over all, that I was glad we did it.

Anonymous said...

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