Friday, March 10, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Did you watch Mr. Roger's when you were little? i was always fascinated by the fact that he could toss his shoe into his hand without ever dropping it...he was so smooth!

Anyway...It truly is a beautiful day here in good 'ol Morgantown, PA. 68 degrees is the projected high for today. I am sitting at my desk (everyone's out of the office today) wearing jeans which is a non-typical work attire and my new shirt that came in the mail from Motherhood. My locks are curly and pulled up today and I have the door propped open so i can atleast hear and smell the nice day outside. What a relaxing day!

Tomorrow, Nathan and I have opted to take the 8 hr birthing class crash course! I have a feeling that I am going to giggle a lot (or cry! LOL) I just want to see the video! I want to know, hear, see how bad it's gonna be. I want the raw truth! Actually, I am really looking forward to seeing Nathan and his reactions. I think that my giggling struggle will happen with the breathing - especially if it's the type of deal where they are playing Enya in the background and I am envisioning a stream or some sort of "happy place" like that! Sheesh! Can't wait to tell you all how that goes. We have to bring a lunch - which I am glad just popped into my head b/c i haven't thought about that! Good thing Karen had that post on lunches! I'd be stuck!

So, any dads out there have any advice for my Nate about this class - any tips to help him get through the day? What was your experience like?

Ladies - how was the class(es)?

Hope that you all are having a great day basking in God's greatness to us. He's so gracious in His giving!


nate, christina, and connor said...

gotta tell ya, i didn't take one class and i'm glad. i had to watch a video of a live birth in our family living class in high school. i vowed then and there that i would never have a baby! i figured if i saw it again my system would go into shock.
besides, it was $65 for four or five classes! half of which i would have to go alone b/c nathan was working.
so i just thought, "hey, there will be about 20 docs and nurses telling me what to do when i get in there. i'm just gonna go with the flow".
i'm dying to hear how nate handles this! ha! what a surprise he's in for! :-)
have fun! and try not to laugh. you might pee your pants :-)

Tricia said...

Ryan and I took a natural childbirth class - for free which was nice. We learned alot from it. However, we did almost get kicked out because at the very end of the evening, they dimmed the lights put on some hokey Enya music (just like you said) and the lady read some poem about birth and such. Ryan and I were dying laughing and all the other couples were taking it so seriously. We were trying to keep it down and be respectful but there's only so much you can handle. Anyway, I think you'll be glad you went, especially if you are going to try without an epidural. The breathing and focus stuff really did help when it came down to it, although I never could bring myself to practice it in class like they wanted you to. Oh well. The best advise they gave was to take it one contraction at a time. Have a fun time - I'm sure Nate will just love it! =) Right.

Heather said...

Kevin and I decided not to take the birthing classes. I didn't need them with Victoria, but I really could have used them for when Logan was born! WOW! Talk about not knowing how to breath...that was me!

I hope you had a good time at the class. No matter is always the experience that is fun!

Jenni-brooke said...

Hey Shyla! Your post made me laugh! My brother went to one class with his wife and they never went back! =) Hope your experience was better!

This is random, but I thought I'd show you this great little thingy that we found for my baby nephew to use before he could really eat solid food. I know it will be a while before you need one, but here is a link ( ) - they're great, especially when babies are teething, or are bored when everyone is eating but them and they want something. It's like a pacifier that is net, and you put fruit, veggies, or whatever in there for them to chew on, but they can't choke, because it's in the little net thingy. Great invention! Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along.

Hope all is well!


Shannon said...

Julie Osborne loaned us some videos that she and Lindsay Lerro used. I think they've been passed around amongst the (new parent)seminary students down here. Anyways, they were helpful, a little ridiculous at times, but good for Stephen nonetheless. I had done all this reading about labor, but he didn't need one more book to read. So it will clue Nate in at least. At one point in labor, I had inadvertantly grabbed Stephen's butt because of the pain, and it was at that point he reminded me that I needed to breathe!

Kelli said...

Hey Shyla-Congrulations on your pregnancy! I am excited for you! Just a few more weeks, huh? Several of our friends who have or are having babies have just taken the free courses that the hospital offers. During that they also give the tour of the hospital etc. Don't know what we will do when the time comes! I doubt I will be able to get Heston to go...but we will see! I don't think he will even be able to be in the delivery room - weak stomach! Nice to hear from you and see what is going on with you! Take care, Kelli

P.S. I was looking through some old pictures last week and I saw one of you, Heston & I at an Artist Series!

TwoMuths said... was it, Shyla?

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