Monday, March 06, 2006

Isn't it ironic? and sage advice for Karen

Many of you may remember my posting about the grumpy old lady who scolded me at the post office a few weeks ago. Quick refresher: She scowled at me for parking in the No Parking Spot (with my hazards on) b/c I had over 20 packages to mail for work (that I shouldn't have been lifting in the first place).

On to the best part! On Friday, I was leaving the post office (and you have to picture this...I have my pre-pregnancy pea coat on with belly protruding so I am obviously Pregnant to all who look) and I look over and there is someone parked in the same No Parking spot that I had parked in earlier. I thought nothing of it until I got closer to the car and saw that IT WAS THAT SAME OLD LADY WHO YELLED AT ME!!! (enter incredible laughter at this irony!!)
Thankfully I was acting in a sanctified manner and merely grinned pleasantly and climbed in my Jeep and drove away having the greatest giggle of my whole Friday! Can you even believe it! I thought it was so great that she got to see how pregnant I was as well, especially after her "ya right" comment when I told her I was pregnant and that's why I parked there.

So...that was my Happy Friday! :)

Onto Saturday....
I spent the majority of my morning shopping for Maternity Clothes. Karen, please pay attention...I have 9 weeks left and I am buying more clothes. (GRRR!!!) Who wants to spend money on oversized (albeit cute) clothes? Here's some advice from a maternity clothes buying "expert"...

1. EVERYTHING will seem too big in the your mom, mother-in-law, stranger on the street - YOU WILL GET BIGGER AND NEED TO THINK THAT WAY! (now, this is not to say that it's wrong to buy clothes closer to your original size at first...but TRUST ME!! You will want to be a little more practical at 4-5 months when shopping for your real pregnancy outfits!

2. If you shop at Motherhood - head straight for the sale racks ($6.99, $9.99, $14.99) great deals, but you need to remember that you can't return anything that you buy on sale and you only have 10 days to return things that are not on sale. (like making a decision wasn't hard enough without those sorts of restrictions!) Bring a friend or hubby for advice!

3. LOOK ON EBAY!! Find the sizes you wear at Maternity Stores and head for !!

4. Today I am 31 weeks pregnant and I put on a button down shirt this morning. It fit fine standing up - sitting down however... my buttons are pulling a "Dr. Lindsay" (stretched to the max across my tummy! :P I think it will be good to have these shirts after the baby, but when you're on the home stretch, it's better not to wear button down shirts! LOL

These are only a few things that popped into my head this morning...just thought I'd pass the advice along that I will have to use myself next time! :)

Hmmmm...What else to say?
Well, I guess that's all for right now. The day is still early! Maybe I will post something else later!
See ya!


Alicia said...

Ha-ha! I like your newly coined phrase, "pulling a Dr. Lindsay". What memories that brings back!

Good clothing advice. And you will need all that maternity clothing for a little while after you pop that baby out. I was a tad disappointed when my tummy didn't magically disappear.

I also recommend good second-hand children's stores. They often have maternity clothes and they seem to carry nicer items than regular goodwills. Rummage sales are also great ways to find prego duds.

I don't believe that cranky lady parked in that same spot!?! What a feeling of satisfaction that must have given you . . . did she catch your eye at all?

Shyla said...

She DEFINITELY saw me...but who knows what level her thinking was operating at the time of our meeting! I would like to hope that she had her wits about her and knew exactly what happened. All that being said, I knew what happened and that is enough for me! :)

Katie said...

Shyla, I totally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when you said "pulling a Dr. Lindsay." Like Alicia, that brings back memories (mostly unwanted). I love the guy though - salt of the earth. I repeated it to Chris and he got a hearty laugh too.

I was SO thankful to be given an entire wardrobe of maternity clothes from someone close to my size - some were too big, but that's better than too small! Don't forget nursing bras and comfortable pajamas too! (I guess, if you're going to nurse, that is.)

Heather said...

I am sitting at my desk just laughing hysterically. Oh my word.

Yes, I do remember thinking that my maternity clothes would be big enough. I believe I also remember buying more clothes in July and Victoria was born August 1st. :) I remember thinking, I will just make sure that my next pregnancy is at the same time. NOT SO! Delivered the following November. Totally different season.

Happy Monday!!!

Heather said...
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Karen said...

Ha! What a crotchety, senile old woman! She's probably not saved. :)

I read somewhere that if someone offers you maternity clothes, you gratefully accept and stash them ALL. Even the ones that look like they would fit Santa Claus. (dreadful thought!)

Of course there's no telling how big I'll get, especially for this first one. But considering I'm just beginning week 14 and already frustrated at my too-small wardrobe, I'm definitely taking all this advice to heart! Thanks! And good luck to you!

pamela s said...

This is so funny. I just came across an article helping first time mommies on picking out maternity clothes. It recommends to buy some clothes 1-2 sizes bigger than your regular size (or elastic waist bottoms), so you don't have to buy baggy maternity clothes. Then after the baby comes, you can go back to those clothes instead of the maternity clothes, which I'm sure you'll be tired of. :) Shyla, hang in there! Just think, you'll have a great wardrobe all set for next time.

Jenny (Forbes) Muth said...

Just found your blog "by accident" and HAD to say congratulations! I am just starting the hunt for maternity clothes (at 20 weeks pregnant) so this is great advice for me! =) So far I've been getting by on my "baggy clothes" but noting how much I've grown in the last 3 days, I am about to take mom up on her offer to help sew a bunch of clothes for summer. Bring on the sundresses!

Shyla said...

Congrats Jenny!! That is sooo exciting! Have fun shopping! The clothes are so much cuter now than what our moms had to wear (PTL for no more mumus!!) You're half way there!! Hang in there!

Jenny (Forbes) Muth said...

What? I can't wear mumus? rats...(note the sarcasm)

Reads said...

Thanks for the comments about the clothing. I am at the stage where none of my regular clothes fit, but yes I will say it, the maternity clothes look too big! Ha! Well, I am going onto Ebay to see what they have to offer!

Anonymous said...

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