Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hillary Clinton Vows to block bill criminalizing illegal immigration "in the name of Jesus"

Can she be any more asinine??
We need to pray for a strong Republican Candidate for 2008!!
How terrible would it be for our kids to grow up in a "Hillary Clinton world"?
Click on the link and find out...,0,1122337,print.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork


TwoMuths said...

Looks like maybe she doesn't understand the term "unlawful presence."

SO GLAD that the hearts of our leaders are in the hand of God, and that He is the one who sets up and removes governments.

Of course, I'm not saying we shouldn't pray! Thanks, Shyla, for the reminder!!!

A Christian Prophet said...

The Holy Spirit's message on the Amazing Miracles Everywhere! blog offers a prayer for Hillary, so she can get it right.

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