Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is a shout out to our Dear Momma Mo...on your Forty-tenth Birthday!

This post is for our mom, Lorri Ellen Morrison.
Today, she will be celebrating her Forty-Tenth birthday.
We have been thinking over the past few days about why you are so special to us mom!
Here are 40 + 10 (plus 13) reasons we came up with...

1. Giving me life

2. Taking care of me when I was so dependent on you

3. Continuing to feed me even though you knew a sneeze was inevitable!

4. The patience I am sure it took for you to comb through my nappy hair!!

5. Letting me be little

6. Childhood songs “We love each other….”

7. Buying me my first cabbage patch doll “Christopher” and letting me name it Jennifer since I wanted it to be a girl.

8. Letting me make my own little mini pies with you in the kitchen when you were baking.

9. Building tents and forts with us in the back yard with sheets and having lunch

10.Making sure my hair was always in neat braids for school and church.

11. Not being too upset when I unleashed my fro for 5th grade pics b/c I wanted “flowing” tresses!

12. Oh! Another picture mishap….putting on lipstick for my 8th grade photo, forgetting that you would eventually see them (I’m a moron!)

13. For not GROUNDING ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE for skipping English class when you were the attendance secretary! I was so dumb!

14. Being so understanding (after a few deep breaths and prayer) when I had my wedding in another country!

15. Loving my Nate.

16. Helping me learn my Awana verses by making them into rhymes and raps!!

17. Helping me learn the words to “Specta-rama-jinglalicous-tinsel-ribbon-ismas” for the Christmas play!

18. We have identical birthmarks!

19. Forgiving me when I disappointed you.

20. Sticking with me through the “bad-boy-stages”

21. Hooking me up with 2 brothers and a little sister!

22. Letting me have my girlfriends over for the coolest 10th Birthday Party Ever!

23. Listening to me practice scales over and over and over again while you were trying to watch TV!

24. Allowing me to attend Bible College even though you didn’t see how it could work financially – and then God allowing us both to see His mighty giving hand!

25. For never talking badly about our dad to us.

26. And cooking “family” breakfast on Christmas Morning – you’re a real trooper!

27. Thank you for meeting our needs – especially when you needed shoes, clothes etc…

28. Having us in church EVERY Sunday, Wednesday, Youth Group, Missions Conference, Seminar, and the list goes on and on! Sheesh! People would have thought we were the pastor’s kids! First ones there – last ones to leave!

29. You showed real commitment and faithfulness when we had to start driving 45 min. to church instead of 2 min! Thank you for putting up with our bad attitudes and being a real godly example of faithfulness to us.

30. Your obedience to God

31. Your desire to serve God

32. Raising 4 kids on your own the best you could

33. Sacrificing a week of groceries so that I could go to Basketball camp

34. How you laugh so hard it can take hours to calm you down - and then you start all over again

35. Your dedication to work and to church

36. Your work ethic

37. Making AMAZING banana muffins

38. Being funny

39. exemplifying "stick-to-it-ive-ness"

40. Letting me cut your hair

41. Being self-sacrificing ie; work, church, money

42. Spanking me

43. Indulging my dreams - figure skating, sewing, school plays, guitar

44. Not letting me know we were poor until i was old enough

45. Teaching me Jesus Christ

46. Being Black :)

47. Driving me places - friends', church, school, NBBC, PA to see my friends and sister

48. Going through labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

49. Not letting me take intro to Sociology, anthropology, and psychology in high school

50. Letting me make that one picture out of felt when I was younger

51. Having the same haircut for 40 years!!

52. Following Jesus for Most of your 50 years!

53. Your example of a Christian is inspiring

54. You gave me everything I needed to live

55. Thank you for driving me to the hospital when I was five for my asthma

56. Thank you for throwing the best birthday parties (BATMAN!!)

57. Thank you for letting me keep that black and white bike even though it has a skull and a ghost on it

58. Thank you for not killing me the 10928304929384 times you thought about it

59. Thank you for never giving up on us

60. Thank you for your patience, and kindness

61. Thank you for being the strongest woman I have ever known

62. Thank you for making me get a job when I was young. I can’t stand these people that don’t start working until they’re 20.

63. Thank you for every meal, gift and undeserved treat that I received

64. Thank you for bringing us to church every Sunday, despite our best efforts to stay home.

65. Thank you for your smile

A message from Joel....

Mom, there is so much that you have sacrificed for us, that it is impossible for us to be able to pay you back. So I promise you that I will instill the same values and lessons in my children that you have with us. I will sacrifice whatever I must for my children, as you have for us. I will teach them right from wrong according to God’s Word, like you have with us. When they fail I will support them, when they disobey, I will beat them (LOL), I will bless them, even when they have done nothing to deserve it, just as you have done for us.
I pray that these 50 short years you’ve had on this planet would multiply into a long and healthy life, so you may see an abundance of grandchildren and blessings pour out on your life. I pray that we all tarry until we see the Lord Jesus Christ appear and descend on the clouds of heaven to take us home.
I love you mom and words cannot describe how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday.

We love you so much mom and we wish that we could be with you today on this special MILESTONE for you!

Love, Your Chillins!


journeyer said...

Wow, I wish I could meet her. She sounds amazing, and fun, and supportive! Happiest Birthday Wishes!

ps Where did you get married at shyla?

Shyla said...

I got married at High Point. I am from Canada...that's what made it a different country! :)

Alicia said...

Your posting reminds me of my own mommy. She raised us on her own too and now that I'm married with a kiddo I don't know how in the world she did it! My mom is also turning the big 40+10 this year.

Your mom must be so pumped about baby Rohrer! Is this her first grandbaby?


Shyla said...

It's the first on BOTH sides!!

Sarah said...

Hey Shyla,

What sweet children you all are!!! I would be bawling if I was your mom:) She must have been one wonderful mother to have children like you;)

Love ya

Heather said...

Wow!! Shyla, your post brought tears to my eyes and down my checks! What a wonderful Mom the Lord has given you and your siblinggs!!


Anonymous said...

Well my darlings, you have left me in a tearful puddle in my chair at work!!!! I am still soooooo overwhelmed with your expressions of memories, and gratitude and love. All those times I wondered if I was doing right by you all has been answered today!!! I have printed this off and it will be posted by my desk and in my bedroom as a reminder to PRAISE GOD for his ALL Sufficient Grace and for HIS biblical principles to live by. It is true it is worth it all to honour the Lord in all that we do. Some rewards come in this life as well. THANK YOU SOOOOOO VERY MUCH MY CHILLINS!!!

Most Gratefuly and Sincerely and Lovingly
Mama Mo

Shannon said...

Hey Shyla,
This is Shannon (Chaney) Conley. We went to school together. I saw your link on Katie's website..anyways, congrats on the little one! We just had a little girl on December 22 and are loving being parents. You will be wonderful mother just like it sounds that your mother was and still is! She's going to love being a grandma! I feel like asking my mom "Who are you and what have you done to my mother?" with her being a grandma, she loves to spoil little Esther. Hey I guess that's what grandparents are for!

Katie said...

I am finally able to comment on this great post! Thanks for the list. When I saw you say you had listed 63 things, I was like, whoah! But, when I came to the 63rd thing, I was like, "Aw, no more?" Really, what a blessing your mom is; what a precious grandma Baby Rohrer will have!


Karen said...

Man o man, guys! You REALLY can't do this to hormonal pregnant people! Your mom isn't the only one in a tearful puddle! Joel's message to Momma Mo was especially touching. Thanks for making me extra-thankful for my own mom today.

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