Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Syphilis Pubis??

OK, now that I have your attention, this is my new pregnancy adventure! It's actually called Symphysis Pubis. When your hormones are softening everything for labor and your joints and bones begin to separate. Nice!

I was getting up off of the couch sunday night to get a drink and all of the sudden I heard a giant crack - followed by extreme pain. Hmmm..... I thought....labor?? LOL not really.
Turns out I go into the Dr. yesterday and my pelvic bone has separated - AWESOME! Remedy?? No remedy. Relief from the discomfort? No relief...will probably just get worse they consoled. (sheesh!)

So, their only suggestion, wearing an ancient torture device to help take the weight off of the pelvic bone and onto my shoulders.

This whole experience has lead to some great nights NOT sleeping and wonderful back aches at work. Who knew The pelvis controlled so much! :)

I think that I would like to have a devotional thought with Eve when I get to heaven! NO piece of fruit is worth all of this! :)

Here is it ladies. The prenatal, huh!? I will let you know if I break down and order one. I am not in that much pain yet!!


Heather said...

I will say that I do sympathize with you...I had the same thing happen with Victoria. Then having Logan right after Victoria, my pelvic bone never had the chance to "heal". It is extremely painful.
I never did breakdown and buy one of those sexy things so I can't tell you how much it will help.
Hang in there, though, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


nate, christina, and connor said...

woo-hoo! hot stuff! gotta say i'm thankful that i've never even heard of that until today. heather's tough. i probably would've broken down and picked one up. my back was a mess when i was pregnant and anything that made it worse would have come to certain death at my hands. but you're in the home stretch! i can't wait till you have baby pictures on your blog. i have to say, i hope it's a girl and i hope she gets your's too much a part of your personality. it's one of those things that makes us love ya, shy!

Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla, I guess you forgot that I read your blog. Thanks for that pic. I will never look at you the same again. Hope you get some peaceful sleep. Praying for you!

Alicia said...


Wow, am I glad I didn't have to go through what you're experiencing! On the bright side, maybe it will make labor easier for you if your pelvis is all loosened? How many more weeks do you have to go?

Praying for you!

Mama Mo said...

i say wear the girdle harness apparatus. its got to serve some kind of purpose. MY POOR BABY GIRL!!

Katie said...

Very sexy indeed. :) Poor Shyla! Thanks for finding that great picture for us all to see.

Sarah said...

I say wear it!!! It can go under your clothes:) No one would see it. Besides, they are more likely to see that you are a beautiful glowing soon-to-be-mommy:)

Tricia said...

That's a beauty. I can't say I've experienced any said symptoms. I did have sharp pain right in the middle of my stomach that apparantely was the muscles basically your body just falls right apart during pregnancy. The good news it comes back together ok. =) Isn't it amazing how the Lord has made us! I hope your enjoying the other aspects of your pregnancy and I'm sorry about your pain.

Tricia said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention this in the last post, but going to the chiropractor helped me tremendously with back pain in both my pregnancies. I know some of them are a little quacky but mine sure helped me out alot. Anyway, just thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it.

Karen said...

Yipes, Shy! Hey, if the thing helps, wear it! Just don't wear it on the outside, like the silly woman in the pic! :) And if ya do, PLEASE post a photo! :) It seems this pubis problem isn't a common thing--hope it doesn't afflict me! Sorry for your pain!

pamela s said...

That contraption is hot! I've never heard of this condition before, but at least it waited this long to appear. I'm sure, whether you wear this thing or not, the pain won't matter when you're holding your wee little one.
:) Pam

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