Monday, February 20, 2006

hmmm...what to write??

I had a pretty good weekend.
Friday night we had our friends Taryn and Jason over for Fajitas and Games. That was really fun!
Then Saturday, I did laundry, laundry and more laundry. We went shopping for some clothes for my ever expanding some good deals, and that was nice.
We shopped for Nate and ran into some pretty great deals for him as well...WOOHOO!!
Then, we had Nate's brother's Jason and David and his wife Amanda as well as our friend Tyararr over for pizza and cards. It turned out to be a pretty full day. They all left at around 10pm and then Nate and I popped in a movie that we had rented earlier in the week. We needed to watch it since he would be in Greenville for half of this week. He'll be back Wednesday afternoon - phew!! :)

Actually, as much as I hate it when he leaves, I have realized that I get the best sleep while he's gone ironically enough! At this point in pregnancy, it's so great to have the whole bed to myself surrounded by pillows. But last night was certainly an exception!
I was soooooooo looking forward to a great night's sleep and wouldn't you know it...I didn't sleep but a few winks last night...Literally! I was sooo depressed when my alarm went off at 6:15am and i hadn't gotten to sleep yet! BOOHISS!! I even stayed up late so I would be sooo tired.
Oh well. I am looking forward to having a baby so I will atleast have a reason to be up all night! :)

Did you all sleep ok during pregnancy? Any tricks?
What do you do when your husband's gone on a trip? (besides cry! LOL)

Have a happy Monday folks!


Katie said...

Pregnancy sleeping tricks - Towards the end there, I sometimes slept on our loveseat. This way, my feet would stay elevated. After our move to Lou, my feet swelled and didn't go down until Luke was a week old. Also, I preferred sleeping on my back - propped up a lot (Drs. don't advise you sleeping on your back; and it's pretty painful when you have a 40lb belly.) Sleeping on the loveseat helped me stay propped up enough. :)

The problem I have when Chris is gone is that I need a lot more blankets to keep warm without his body heat! It's not too often that I'm the one home alone. Usually, Chris plays bachelor while I'm off visiting family. :) Actually, Luke and I are off to Detroit tomorrow for a week.

I hope Wednesday comes soon, for your sake. :)

pamela s said...

Sorry, I can't help you w/ the pregnancy part.
I hate it when Geoff has to go away. But, I do enjoy the alone time and the thought of not having to cook dinner when I get home (a bowl of cereal or instant mac & cheese works for me). I can get so much done when I put my mind to it b/c there aren't as many distractions.
I have the worst time getting to sleep without Geoff at home. Crazy things start running through my mind and won't stop! I just turn on our Christian radio station using the timer thing on my alarm clock, and concentrate on the music and the words, so I can at least be calm enough to pray. On thses I nights I break out the electric blanket to help make up for my hottie husband. By then, I'm relaxed enough to sleep. It's not something I look forward to, but each time he goes away, it's a little bit better.

Karen said...

When Nate's away, I order in Chinese food and usually watch a girlie movie or Forensic Files (always a bad idea; I scare myself into believing that an evil man is lurking at my door.). Then, I'll read in bed until I can't stay awake!
And thus far, I've slept better than ever!

nate, christina, and connor said...

nathan's mom bought me one of those pregnancy wedges {insert dumb joke here}. it looks like a thin slice of cake. early on, i had it between my knees. then later, i had it propping up my belly as i would lay on my left side. that's the only way i could sleep. IF i could sleep. :-) i would be resting peacefully and connor would simultaneously kick his legs straight and punch his arms out (at least that's what it felt like!). honestly, i hate to say it shy, (karen plug your ears, you don't need to hear this either) but i haven't had a solid night's sleep in about 10 months. i'm adjusting though. hey, it gives you a lot of time to pray or meditate on scripture!

Heather said...

I remember always getting so frustrated because, like you, I love my sleep. I would keep thinking....soon I will fall asleep. I have too! At that point though, I was still getting up with Victoria and pregnant with Logan. AHAHAH!!! It does get better. It may take many months, like Christina said, but it does get better. Maybe your little one will be one of those babies that sleeps through the night early on. I do not know what that is like, but I hear it is wonderful!! :)

nate, christina, and connor said...

shyla, i just realized you said you STARTED a movie at TEN!!!! if i was still awake at 8 when i was pregnant it was a miracle.
at school i would get really sleepy during reading group time (around 2pm) the kids would poke me when they were done reading or else i would've fallen asleep right there. after i stopped teaching i would take a nap everyday at 2. ahh, those were the days!

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

I am sure all of you mothers out there hate getting suggestions or comments from people like me who do not have children, but I still thought I would leave a few words. :)
As far as getting sleep (after your baby is born), I have several friends who have read the book "Baby Wise" and they swear by it! I have not read it, so I am only passing on what I have heard. Apparently, the book teaches you how to get your kids on a schedule and how to get them to sleep through the night. They say that your baby should be sleeping through the night by the time he is 8-10 weeks old (yes weeks, not months) or when he weighs 12 pounds. Most babies will not do this however unless they are trained to. The point is, at this stage of his life he can do it if you train him. I know that sounds too good to be true, but everybody around here reads this book and follows it and swears they all have these results. One of my friends did not use the book with her first child but did with her second. She said the difference was amazing! It also teaches you how to get them to take regular naps and go straight to bed -without having to rock them and so forth. I am telling you - my sister makes being a mother look easy because of this book, and she is due to have her 3rd child in May -and the oldest child will only be two!
Now that I have written my own book here, I will sign off!

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

As far as help sleeping during pregnancy, I never mastered that trick of getting more than 2 or 3 hours and then having to go the bathroom. Even though, having a little one means less interrupted least you don't have all the aches and pains that you felt during pregnancy. One thing I did was take a warm bath and that helped relax my muscles. Just be careful, because I had a friend get stuck in the bathtub while she was pregnant. Thankfully, her dog was nearby so she sent him downstairs to get her husband to rescue her! The other thing I think that helps is to have a small tv in your room and would watch movies til I fell asleep.
We finally put it away though because I don't have problems falling asleep anymore. :)

suzanne said...

Shyla, I am sorry that you aren't getting much sleep. Try what katie said and sleep somewhere other than your bed. A recliner works really well. As for after the baby is born, I would also recommend reading baby wise. But you just have to read it and decided how much of it you want to follow. I didn't follow it exactly, but my little guy is a great sleeper. He slept through the night early on and now he sleeps no less than 10 hours at night.
When ryan is gone on a trip I always have a friend spend the night. We always stay up too late so we are so tired by the time we go to bed that sleeping is not a problem!
Hope some of this info. helps!

Alicia said...

Hey Shyla,

During the end of my pregnancy, I slept on the couch most nights. I found it supported my back well and I didn't have to deal with the sharing the space with Matt. :) Hang in there dear!


Alicia said...


Wanted to add one more thing about sleeping during pregnancy. I often fell asleep very late - like 4 or 5 a.m. - and instead of just getting a few winks, I used my sick days at work. Turns out I had quite a few sick days so I used them when I needed a few more hours of sleep during the last weeks of pregnancy. Use em up girl!


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