Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OK, i have had a day to recover from this run-in that I experienced I think that I will be able to get through this post calmly!

I would wager to say that I am nearing the stage "great with child". Baby Rohrer's pushing up into my ribs, stretching out and making himself at home. It's great...for the most part. :)

So, yesterday I embarked on my daily journey to the post office for work. Only yesterday, I had over 20 packages and boxes that I had to carry out to my jeep by myself and then get them out of the jeep on my own at the post office. I probably carried more weight than I should have - but I wasn't about to make 20 trips into the local Post Office!!

When I got to the post office, I had a decision to make - park in the handicap spot by the door (since i am not handicap, just preggo, i opted for location number two...)
or park in the no parking spot directly infront tof the door.
So, I put my flashers on and proceeded to park my car there and make my 5 trips from the car to the Post office to drop off the goods. 35 exhausting minutes later I was on my way out to my Jeep and this snarley old lady hissed at me "CAN'T YOU SEE IT SAYS NO PARKING...humgh..."
I was COMPLETELY shocked at the hatred in her voice and against my better judgement, I engaged in a prompt "I had 20 packages to bring in ma'am, AND I am pregnant!!" retort.

THEN>>>she hissed back again..."I don't care what you says no parking."

Then, i replied back - "well have a great day and thanks for not judging me!!!"
I am not proud...but I did say it!

Unbelieveable! Then I was all worked up I wanted to cry (mainly from anger at myself for letting my tongue and a crotchey old lady get to me).

Maybe she was having a terrible day...maybe something horrible happened to her - wish I would have been thinking that way yesterday before I answered her the way I did.
Anyway, that's my "booyah, gramma" story! :)

Smile...and be nice to an old lady today...even if she's hissing! :)


Alicia said...


What an icky experience! I hope you have 10 stories of people being nice to you in your prego state for every icky story like this. :( I had to deal with a crochety old lady last week - I had taken Chloe out for a walk to the drug store. It was cold out (but I had Chloe sufficiently bundled up and blanketed in her stroller) and this old lady says to me, "You shouldn't bring a baby out in this kind of weather!". My anger flared inside but all I said was, "She's all bundled up and the fresh air is good for her." Maybe this is good preparation for all the unsolicited advice you'll get from folks of all ages once baby rohrer arrives! :)


courtney said...

At least you chose to use the "no Parking" spot. When I was 16, I was not as wise and led myself to one of my most embarrassing moments. We had just cheered our way to the district championships in basketball. The entire high school team loaded into some cars and headed for "Gunter Tooties" which was a fun diner and was sure to be the perfect environment for Jeff DeNeui to finally notice me. We pull into the lot on a very cold, windy night. The parking lot was full and there were two places to park. Across the highway at this empty lot, or in a space that MIGHT have been handicap. The spot was covered in snow and there was no sign. Never mind that it was in the middle of two other handicap spots. So I make the foolish choice to park. I go inside, sit down with 30 of my closest friends, and begin to woo Jeffrey. All of a sudden, over the loud speaker I hear, "would the owner of the white subaru that parked in the handicap lot please move your car" The entire roaring diner went silent and waited for that evil thoughtless person to move. I was too mortified, so I sat stone still. Surely if you were so handicap that you needed a spot you wouldn't be out in these blizzard conditions. Moments passed and I thought all was forgotten. All of a sudden,
this completely paralized man drives his wheelchair over to me using his mouth and says, "My daughter found this laying parking lot next to your car--thought you might need it to pay. Can you take your wallet off of my lap? And honey, next time, save the spots for those who need them"

Needless to say, I have never entertained the thought of parking illegally again. And Jeff, well that is obviously not my hubby's name, so something went wrong. :)(thank goodness)
Thanks for all the make-up tips!

Shyla said...

Woman at the shoe...YOU WIN!! Your story is WAY worse than mine!! LOL
Hope you had fun on your bonton run last night!
I wonder what life would have been like if you were Mrs. Jeffrey DeNeui? I personally like the name Hoffman better...less pretentious sounding! See ya glamor girl!

Shannon said...

I had a similar experience when I was pregnant. It seems people are either overly nice or grouchy like that when you're pregnant. All that to say, it makes you empathize with pregnant women a lot more once you've gone through it and know what it's like to be with child! :)

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