Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's really bizarre!

Gone are the days of drinking wonderfully flavorful, hynotically aromatic coffee.....
They have given way to savory glasses of orange juice that I find myself dreaming about as I sit at my desk.
Gone are the days of Chocolate. Pies. Any kind of sweets for that matter...even swedish fish if you can believe it!
They have given way to crunchy green celery sticks and bricks upon bricks of colby jack cheese!
Gone are the days if 8 glasses of water/day.
They have have given way to choking down a single 16 oz. serving over a period of 8 hours.
And as for plain Ripples potato chips... they are still in the game!

What were your cravings when you were pregnant? Who knew mine would be celery, OJ and potato chips? Weird. But, a healthier alternative than I suppose others have had.


Katie said...

I didn't really have too many cravings, but towards the end of my pregnancy I started to make them up because I wanted to take full advantage of being pregnant! I did love JUICY things - fruit, popsicles, especially Dole Strawberry fuit bars! We moved to hot&humid Louisville a month before Luke was born. I think I ate about a watermelon a week! :) And I could've had pizza every day.

nate, christina, and connor said...

girl, i know what you mean! but i was somewhat opposite you. i couldn't get enough water when i was pregnant! i became this weird combo of my mom and gramma. but i wasn't a total health nut. i went through a slurpee phase....i bet i had two a day! then right before connor was born it was all i could do to get my hands on brownies. but other than the brownie stage, i have never eaten better in my life.

Anonymous said...

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