Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Mary Kay Opportunity!

As you can read on my profile...I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! Star Recruiter!! And,I love it! I had no idea the business opportunity involved, the fun, the friendships and the faith boost. You see, the three priorities this company are founded on are...
and then of course the "golden rule". How great is that? What other corporate business has these foundations?

I know alot of women read this and I have a favor to ask of you. My director has given me a challenge to do 15 interviews the month of September. Now...before you say don't have to sign up to do Mary just gives me the practice I need to do interviews on my own, and I need some good women to practice on. And girls you were the first ones I thought of!So, what do you say, can you help a sister out???!! Can you help me practice and meet this challenge?Interviews are done on a 3 way call with my director (she's really nice!!) leave me a comment and email me, it's on my profile website email


Katie said...

Great blog (or Blob, as my dad calls them)! I loved seeing the pictures of your wedding. It was beautiful! Put some links to blogging friends up on your page; I'd love to see them. (Blogger has a good HELP section, if you need it.) Hi to Nathan from his old roommate (Chris - duh).

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