Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greetings from Eastern PA

This blogging stuff is ingenious! I must say that it is addictive to sit at my computer and read other blogs and try to figure out who you all are out there! :) So far I have found some great people that I went to college with and that has been really fun.
Well, Let's see, where do I start? Hmm...well, I got married to Nathan last year in June. It was such a fun day! it was 98 degrees outside, but I didn't feel it at all! ahhhhhhh......
Here are a couple pics from that day.

Here's all 28 of us!!

My brother Joel and I

Nate and the girls

So, anyway, since then we have been very busy! Nathan is a Territory Manager for a Company called Precept Marketing Group. He is responsible for affecting change in Christian Schools by giving Administrators and teachers options and things to think about regarding philosophy of education as it pertains to Bob Jones Press, Rosetta Stone and Hunter Systems....all that to say is he is in Sales, but the part that he enjoys the most is the interactions with the Administrators and Teachers.

We are very busy with Church. Nate is helping to teach our College and Career Sunday School Class and there is a group of us who work with their bible study on thursday nights. We work with our Seniour High Youth group on Wednesday nights. Nate is an Usher (surprise!!) at church and I am involved in our ladies' ministry and music ministry. We are BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

About 2 months ago, Nathan and I lost our first baby through a miscarriage. That was a really difficult time, but the Lord is gracious in His giving and merciful in His taking back what belonged to Him in the first place. He is good ALL of the time. We are thankful for the Joy that He allowed us to have for that short time.

OK! That's enough. Maybe I will here from some of you!

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

beautiful wedding-
can't wait to have my own in less than 4 months :o)
glad you guys are so happy-
love you -

KayTenPag said...

Hey Shy! I share your addiction to the blogging - it's fun to just blah, blah, blah about everything from the big events to the little day-to-day grind of life!


Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »

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