Thursday, September 08, 2005

Laborious Day Weekend?

This weekend Nate and I took advantage of the holiday and got the basement cleaned up and moved more boxes to their respective places in the new house. I spent the majority of the morning taking everything out of my cupboards and rearranging them (yes, I am a wild woman!) and now I find great rest when I walk into my kitchen! There is a long awaited flow to everything and everything is in it's place.

We got three little kittens (who didn't come with we don't expect any losses!) this weekend. A black one"Jetta" (get it, like Jet black...oh, nevermind!), a grey and white one, "Chloe" and a black and white one named "MOJO!" our friend Tyararr named that one! WE love it!! So, for any of you who know me at all, you know that I HATE cats!! So, I am hoping against all hopes that I either like these ones (THEY ARE OUTSIDE ONLY>>!!) or that for some freak of nature reason, they stay kittens.

OH! Terrible news!! I stepped on a TACK this weekend! Went right up into my poor heel and it is throbbing like crazy! The tears flowed on that one! Fret not! The tetnus shots are all up to date and there is no fear of infection....just fear of looking ridiculous limping about!

Congratulations are in order...I am a bonfied, legal, Permanent Resident! For fear of getting on a little soap box of mine...(immigration) it is a lot of work to go through, but there's nothing more satisfiying than doing it the right way, and there is nothing that enrages me more than those who chose to come here illegally and wreck the process for the rest of us! That's all I am going to say for fear of ruining a perfectly decent tuesday morning!

Ok, That's all I am going to write now.

Take care and have a wonderful day....


JESS said...

hey three cat you are a stronger woman then me. I tried the whole kitten thing once..they chewed through my earphones and so out the door they went. I think i did a bolg space here but cant remember. Hey my sister is a Mary Kay lady i know she is in Minneapolis, but if you need to network i know she would love to help you out. actually i talked to my cousin Edie Owens about doing that. any way yeah i am one..oh yeah i have just sold a ton....yeah right..i sold about as much as i wear aka nothing. any way i will let you go. good luck with the kittens. jess

Anonymous said...

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