Monday, September 12, 2005

It's a slippery slope folks!!

Well, it has been an interesting day here at work. I am nearing the end of my very productive work day and I have a spare moment to "check-in" and let you know about a few of the happenings from the weekend...
Well, really the only one that I have time to type right now is regarding my unexpected rock climbing expedition with my husband....
It was a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday. We had a "Family Sunday" at High Point and that means - no evening service. So, Nathan and I decided that after a quick nap, we would go biking. 20 minutes passed, Nathan woke me up and said "..You want to bike ride, or go hiking up to the quarry?" The Quarry... an amazing man made hole in the earth with walls of beautiful rock carved around it. Nathan had mentioned once since buying our house that the quarry backed right up into our back yard at the Top of our property. We have about an acre of land, and then behind us is over 1.5 acres that I had not personally explored - including a beautiful wooded area. So, off we went. Nate with walking staff in tow and I with a little fear of the unknown began on our journey up the hill to the quarry. Nate LOVES being outside in the woods. As a child he spent the majority of his days forging new trails, uncovering mysterious "findings" and no doubt (as I saw this weekend) tracking deer paths!
I however, spent a good number of my childhood days riding my bike, playing with my dolls, making mud pies, and trying to get away with using my mom's make-up! Needless to say, we have differing opinions sometimes on what constitutes a good time!
For the sake of time, I will speed ahead to the best part....
We get to the top of this hill behind our house and it opens to this amazing mass of rocks and dirt. I immediately think to myself, "Aw man! He's gonna want to go up there!" And before my thought was completed, Nathan had already made it half way up the hill - scurrying like a squirrel to the top - making it in under a minute. Oh! I made it, but my time was less impressive! Then, there was THE Hill. The mother of all the steepest hills in Berks County. The hill that would be my undoing.... (deep breath)
Nathan skillfully made his way to the top - accurately maneuvering his footsteps and hand positions to get him to the top in less than 5 min (if my memory serves me correctly.)
My turn. I told Nathan that I "think Jesus wants me to stay down here!" He replied to the effect that I "could do it". {sigh}.
So, I began the treacherous trek up the side of the precipice. Slowly and less skillfully grasping for anything anchored in the side of the hill. Nathan kept coaching me and all I could hear were the thoughts in my head "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this..." Finally, I was making progress and then, it happened. The moment I had dreaded from the second this whole escapade began! My undoing. I started to fall. I slid on my stomach (screaming) down the side of the hill. Finally anchoring myself on a rock and clinging for my life to some weed (that would ultimately make my eyes swell shut) this was turing out to be a great afternoon! 20 minutes later, I rejoined my husband at the top of the hill and even though I hated the climb, the view was beautiful and so was the sense of accomplishment (just like nate said there would be).
Today I sit at my desk with a constant sting of accomplishment....on my arms, tummy and legs.... was a great day!


Karen said...

What did you grab when you fell...poison ivy? Shoulda read my blog! :)

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