Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

So, I realized today that I didn't post a SINGLE post in 2012! My life has been reduced to statuses and pin boards. I miss the days when I had time to sit and think about what to write and then have it make sense as I type it :) What's kept me so busy this year? Well, here are some point form memories from this wonderfully busy year!

- Experienced the pain of labor without the joy of holding a child when I got kidney stones for the first time.
- Opened up Bedeckle and have had a great busy year.
- Homeschooling Jackson in Kindergarten and Owen in K4 - enjoyed watching them learn!

- Judah Pie turned 1!
- Celebrated our 9th Valentine's day

- Experienced our first febrile seizure with Judah. Landed us in a children's hospital in Philadelphia for 2 days. He had viral meningitis.
- Began planning our raised bed gardens for the 3rd (or 4th?) spring
- Welcomed a new little nephew into the world!
- Olivia Adeline turned 3 with a princess party! So fun having a girl.

- Jackson turned 6 and had a lego birthday party.
- Judah threw away my wedding rings
- My mom came and stayed with the kids for a week so....
- ...Nathan and I went away for the first time to Jamaica for our anniversary!

- Went to Canandaigua with Nathan for a work trip .
- The kids and I played in the pool and had a wonderful time together.
- Jackson had a terrible fever and we found out when we got back that he had Lyme's Disease.
- Visited family in Canada.
- On the way home Judah ,who showed no signs of being sick, had another febrile seizure in the car while we were driving. We were 45 min from home and the nearest hospital. We were then airlifted to a children's hospital where we spent another 2 days. Thankful for God's healing and protection.

- Lots of swimming

- Owen turned 5!! He chose an Angry Birds Birthday Party
- Are you still reading? If so, I'll buy you a coffee if you're ever in town :)

- Started our homeschooling year with Jackson in first grade, Owen in Kindergarten.
- Went to see Beth Moore with Friends

- Nathan turned 34
- Welcomed my new little nephew into the world!

- I coordinated a wedding on my 33rd birthday!!
- Had several shows for Brown Eyed Girlies and thankful when anyone gets excited about what I do

- a wonderfully busy month!
- sadly found out that my dad died. a truly heartbreaking time for so many reasons.
- had a great time with both of our families for Christmas
- ended the year with another seizure scare but can see God's provision and protection over our family so immensely that one day I really need to sit down and right it all out!

What a great year filled with more blessings than I can name! Happy New Year to all 3 of you that still read this! :)


Hairgrove Hangout said...

I always enjoy your posts. Don't stop! Happy New Year and so happy Judah pie is doing better.

Carrie said...

Glad for God's protection of our children too this year..hold them close and have a Happy New Year!

Jennifer Dyck said...

I've had a hard time keeping up with our blog, too, but I don't have any good excuses. We only have 1 child (so far LOL) and I'm hardly involved in anything (yet)! Thanks for the year in review! Praying for you all and Judah!

kellyH said...

what a year! Thankful for your blessings, pray with you in your hard times....wishing you blessings in 2013. P.s. I love my stuff from Bedeckle. :)

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