Monday, August 02, 2010

Kitchen Transformation Day 147

For real. That's how many days our kitchen has been in limbo. It's been in working order for most of that time - but we have been taking our sweet time getting it done. In our defense - painting with oil based paint in 100% humidity is less than ideal and attributes to most of our summer this year.

While I was in Canada, Nathan put up the bead board. While he was in Honduras, I painted the bead board and the top half of the wall a light green color.

I have since thrifted to find all of the plates for my vintage plate wall (that replaces the beloved "r" monogram) I have most of the plates hung but 4 of them are too small and I need to find the right hangers to put them up - alas - another roadblock. I found a great wrought iron piece for the wall at Hobby Lobby (I *HEART* Hobby lobby!!) it was $60 marked down to $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I scooped her up, brought her home, spray painted her white and she's just as pretty as I imagined she would be!

I was hoping that the curtain I made out of scrap fabric would have been enough to cover under my sink, but it's just not full enough, so I will be making a proper curtain soon to fit there.

I added some wooden decal to one of my drawers and painted it to pretty up the cabinet.

What's left?
- butcher block counter tops
- wood floors (both need to save don't hold your breath perhaps next year!) Just imagine it with me :)
- Painting a clock on the hood of my stove to replace the retro one that was there
- sewing a new curtain for my cabinet
- hanging the kitchen curtains i made in MARCH!
- accessorizing
- getting it clean enough to take pics of it! :)


Katie Barker said...

I don't mind it being a little messy in the picture...hope we see a picture before another 147 days! I'm sure it was fun to see each others progress when you came back from your trips!

TwoMuths said...

woo hoo, it sounds great. I wish we were neighbors so you could come help me figure out window treatments here. :-) I have some birthday $$ to spend and need to get these babies done! Can't wait to see pics!

PS - curious - butcher block? Any particular reason? I'm fascinated by countertops lately...LOL

Mary Ann said...

Your kitchen is going to be great! It sounds a lot like ours - bead board, wooden counter tops (my hubs built them - he is GREAT!), & a light green color. Can't wait to see any pics you wanna post :-)

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