Friday, May 14, 2010

It is not death to die.

On Wednesday, we celebrated the short life of Carlie Maia James.

It was an overcast morning as I headed to the cemetery. Maria, Carlie's mom, had asked me the night before to specifically pray that it would not rain while they said good bye to Carlie that morning. God was so sweet to answer this small prayer that morning. The rain held off until they said good bye to Carlie and as they got into their car, it began to lightly drizzle.

There must have been a hundred cars in the processional for Carlie. As I drove away from the casket I began to sob and called Nate. We talked for a little while and then the Lord began to minister to my heart through songs that came over the radio - Blessed be Your Name, For God so loved the World, I'll praise you in this storm etc....over and over song after song and I couldn't help but praise God for His generous love for each one of us.

The ceremony for Carlie was beautiful. The gospel was so wonderfully presented and Christ was so supremely exalted. The songs were beautiful, the testimonies touching, the room was filled with joy in the midst of our sorrow that Carlie, our little sister in Christ, would be waiting to see us again.

Wil and Maria and the girls were deeply hurting that day, but God's strength and grace was so evident in their life that you couldn't help leaving them encouraged yourself.

It was a beautiful celebration of Carlie's life. I am thankful that I was able to be there and experience the impact such a short life had on so many people.

This was just one of the songs sung at Carlie's Memorial.

Please continue to pray for the James Family.


kellyH said...

what a road that we can't imagine the pain. praying for God's grace in their lives.

Pepin909 said...

We recently had friends who buried their 2 day old son. It's seems wrong and unfair, but we are never guaranteed the next day and what could be better than being with Jesus anyway. Beats having to suffer through junior high!

Sharon said...

Love that song. It wasn't what we wanted to happen to Carlie --- but the way God has been using it is so evident. Beautiful, Shyla!

Mary Ann said...

I was remeinded yesterday at church & again this morning as I read your post that the Lord is in control. Not any doctors, certainly not ourselves, & not even our 'bodies'. He chooses life or death for us at the moment that pleases Him & therefore we can rest & be at peace knowing He does all things well.
I don't know why this has become such an 'aha' moment for me. I so easily forget that I'm not in charge. Silly, silly human girl that I am.
I will continue to pray for Carlie's family. The Lord knows how to heal all our hurts & I'm so grateful that we can trust Him to comfort Carlie's family & loved ones.

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