Thursday, March 18, 2010

If the sun's shinin' - i'm paintin'!

it was 70 degrees today!!! Although several loads of laundry beckon me...I HAD to be outside today. But don't think that I just sunned myself all day! I got a few big projects done and out of the way!!

i bought these matching end tables off of craigslist. I thought they'd match my living room - but, they didn't. So, in lieu of my dreamy French Provincial bedside tables I have been searching and searching for -I decided to paint them to match our black and creme toile bedroom.

See Nate - I sanded and sanded first! :) MWAH!
I decided to modge podge (i do prefer to use that as a verb :) the fabric that matches our comforter on top. Trying to make these straight lined "character-less" tables have a little charm.

I'll be adding a little glass knob to the center of the fronts of the tables. It will mimic my dressers and look like a faux drawer.

It just dawned on me i could have posted a pic of them back in our room...alas - another post. :)


kELLO! said...

love those tables!

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