Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh Sweet Betty!

Dear Ms. Betty (Lukens) -

You came to our home a year ago! I was so excited to have you come. I asked for you for Jackson's birthday, but secretly I wanted you for myself. I have such fond memories of you from my childhood and wanted to share them with my little ones.

Then I opened your package and a huge labored sigh came over me. You were going to be so. much. work. So I hid you. Hoping you wouldn't be found until I had the time to tackle you.

But, this AM you were found. (sneaky little chillin's.) And with puppy dog eyes they asked if I would tell them bible stories from this "fabric story". (right, like i'm gonna say no to that - again :P)

So, as 2 anxious little boys sat patiently,

I cut, and i cut, and i cut...

Aren't they pretty though! Such vibrant colors. The more I cut, the happier I got!

So, Ms. Lukens, my only suggestion would be to make a set that comes PRE-CUT!

Here's to a snowy weekend and some flannel graph wonderfulness!


Carrie said...

they do, they just cost more:)

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