Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oooh Happy Day!!

I have wanted a cute header for my blog for FOR-EVER!! I see all these other blogs around the blogosphere and wonder "how do they do that? i wonder if they pay for that? surely I can do that!"

So, finally i put out a facebook plea and my friend Jaime came to my rescue!! I don't have Photoshop (*gasp*) but, I do have Gimp and asked her if there was some way that I could do it in there.

Jaime came up with SEVERAL adorable mock ups for me (which you may or may not have seen over the past few days as I have tried them out). She also pointed me to a free digital scrapbook download site found HERE.

I finally figured out how to use Gimp a little bit this afternoon and tweek'd it some more and I think this may become an addicting little hobby :)

So, what do you think?


Curt and Sarah said...

I think it looks great. Nice job, Shyla!

Shyla said...

thanks for stopping by! :) How are you all doing! your family is growing! where are you all now?

TwoMuths said...

LOVE it. Love, LOVE l.o.v.e it. Now if only I could come up with a clever blog title...for myself. Yours is perfect.

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