Saturday, January 30, 2010

Face lift anyone?

We acquired this little vintage table from Nate's parents. This table belonged to Nate's mom when she was a little girl. I believe she said that it had hard plastic seats on it. When she got married, it became the table for her six little kids (including my nate). Since I have been around, that table was used for Nate's little brothers and now that we have kids, we're using it. I asked Nate's mom if I could have it for our little guys, and if I could give it a face lift.

Before I could get started, Nate decided that he wanted to do the makeover (I think he was feeling a little nostalgic :). So, he sanded it, filled holes, sanded some more and voila! A brand new (looking) table and chairs! It actually took much longer than that, and he made new seats for the chairs that were more sturdy.

Enter me. This is the part that I was waiting for! I got to recover the chairs. Now, what fabric to use? Denim? No. Corduroy? Maybe...but it may get worn and squashed. Hmmmm....

And that was about it until today. I was scouring our local Wal-Mart and saw that all of their fabric was 50% the lowest price! Oh, how I wished I had a project list in my bag with specs and yardage needed for each! AH! Who needs lists! I looked anyway, and that's when I found the perfect fabric for the chairs! Nothing like the Lord dropping great stuff in your way to stumble up on!

So, here's the face lift! (please don't curse me for getting rid of the ADORABLE little vintage decal. It hurt me to see it go - I loved it! But, alas, the Sand Man of the house rules...)

wasn't he an adorable rodent?

After Nate refinished...

with new seat - waiting to be un-naked.

my apprentice points out how to position seat in the center of batting.

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admiring the fabric before we flip it over.

all three stacked together - and then i cut the batting to about an inch to just wrap around the edge of the seat.

good thing we weren't on staple rations here! :)

the mottled faux suede compliments our couches!

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figuring out my corners better the second time around

made for a tighter, neater seat.

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And there it is folks!
Here's to 50 more years!


nate, christina, and connor said...

LOVE it. i absolutely adore handed down non-hideous cool stuff like that. oh, and honey... yes, the decal needed to go. it looks superb. well done.

Mark and Stephanie Stonis said...

Love it! You have totally inspired me!

StacieB said...

So cute Shyla!! I'm sure your kiddos will enjoy them!

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