Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh what a beautiful mornin'!

So, I was perusing facebook yesterday morning and saw that my girlfriend was having a yard sale today and wanted to know if anyone wanted to bring anything over to sell. (hmmmm...lemme think??!!) So, i called her and then proceeded to empty out closets, grab things off of shelves and try to find things to sell. I got my loot together and in the process made a BOMB of my house. I was able to reorganize some things and make room for other things since I was hoping to get rid of most of it. I also had a ton of Mary Kay stuff haunting me that I needed to get rid of so this was a perfect opportunity!

So, this morning I woke up, we ran the sale and after 5 hrs. of work, came away with $205.00!!! Not bad for a few hours of work!

I couldn't believe the stuff that people bought of mine and the stuff they passed over. Everything that I thought would sell, didn't - and the things that I just threw in to see what would happen - sold!

I was also amazed at the amount of elderly people that came and bought our stuff. You'd think that their houses would be full of enough stuff by now to have their own huge yard sale!

The Lord really blessed us! Between the 5 of us we made $700!

Have you ever heard of Just Between Friends consignment sales? They come to select cities across the county. I went to one as a buyer in the spring and they are so great! Ours was filled with tons of clothes, shoes furniture, anything baby or maternity you could dream of. Then on the 3rd day of the sale (when I went) everything is 50% off! I am planning on selling in their fall sale and I am interested to see how I will do with the leftovers from the yard sale.

I had hoped to make $50 today.

Eph 3:20 - I was blessed exceeding abundantly!!


Heather said...

That is so exciting!! Good for you!

Stephanie (Wolynes) Steinbart said...

Hey Shyla! Thanks for the nice comments...Olivia's nursery us just beautiful! I love the addition of her new dresser too, perfect touch. And by the way -- could she have any more hairbows??? So cute! I bet you were shocked and thrilled when you delivered a baby girl this time. Thanks for the prayers (in advance) we will need them! Canon and Cabot are 4 years apart, and Cabot and the new baby will be 14 months and 1 week apart. We are in for some fun times ahead! I just need to keep reminding myself that all this will pass in time...:)

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