Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today I was...
- the housekeeper
- the chef
- the discipline- r
- the laundry gatherer/sorter
- a jungle gym
- a horse
- a nose wiper
- a bottom wiper
- a doctor
- loved
- kissed
- a mommy.

I spent more time today hands on playing with the boys than i have in a long time. It was really fun (especially for them), but with just under 4 weeks left until baby #3 comes - exhausting!

We had airplane rides, horse rides (are you picturing this at 36 weeks??!), they tried to use me as a trampoline, they jumped on my back, slid over my head and onto the floor. They had a great day - and I did too. I love those boys!

Tomorrow I go in for an ultrasound b/c my dr. wants to check the blood flow from the heart that he couldn't see well at 20 wks. No worries. I am looking forward to seeing the baby! I keep reminding myself that as uncomfortable as the last couple of weeks are (i am blessed with pretty great pregnancies!) it's a lot easier while they are inside to get things done! :) I am looking forward to holding the baby on the outside though!

Nathan and I are still unsettled on names. I know - nothing like waiting until the last minute - except that i have been perplexed the WHOLE time!

We've decided on a first name if it's a girl, but not a middle name.
We've decided on a middle name if it's a boy, but not a first name.
Yup, we're in great shape! :)


Alicia said...

Awww. Sounds like a fabulous day! Just don't let those rough-housing boys bounce on your belly and I'm sure you'll be fine. :) I'm sure once you see baby #3 (you must be SO CURIOUS about his/her gender!) the name will fit!

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