Monday, January 26, 2009

Officially an Adult!

So, today I became the owner of a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. I was really hoping to make it to 30 before having to be inducted into the minivan club...but, here I am - a little uncomfortable, a little sad about getting rid of my Explorer but SO thankful for the Lord's provision in this nice van!! It was actually Nate's company car for the last 2 yrs. and since getting promoted he is getting a new car and we were able to buy this van, knowing that it has been taken care of so well for those last 2 years. It's had every check up, fluid change etc. it's needed. It's possible that we would not have been able to get a van so nice otherwise.

Reasons to be thankful for my minivan:
- I have little ones to pack into our new mode of transportation!
- You can fit a full sheet of drywall in the back (that's nate's )
- It gets WAY better gas mileage than my Explorer
- It's 10 yrs. newer than my Exp.
- It's very roomy and comfy
- It has killer windshield wipers on it!! You have never looked out a clearer window!

What do you drive? And do you think you'll join the MV Club someday? Never say never! I always thought I would be able to stick to an SUV...stinkin' gas prices!! :)


Alicia said...

I hope I never have to join the MV club as I think station wagons are way cooler. :) But I'm learning that coolness is NOT as important as necessity and comfort when traveling with little ones. A friend of mine has a grand caravan and it ROCKS to ride with her! Such great kid-friendly features that our little jetta just does not have.

TwoMuths said...

I LOVE our Dodge Caravan. We had it before we had kids, but it's so handy to fit lots of people. Michael hopes to go back to a Jeep, but now they are making them so ugly that I'm not interested. :-) Plus I have the feeling that by the time we will be able to save up that much money we'll be too old to drive. LOL.

Abby Sokul Turner said...

I too am part of the MV club and joined it before 30 as well! We only have one child, but we decided to go ahead and get it when we found a great deal! It has been so great on trips and just being able to transport a lot of things. Vince always said he would never own a van, but he ate his words on that one!!!! I love having a van and wouldn't drive anything else!

Doesn't love a wall said...

I too can't imagine driving one I'll admit..... I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I ADORE and don't ever ever ever want to part with. I told Steve today when it dies I want another one just like it. LOL . Since we're only having two I think we'll be able to pull it off..... but yeah, I couldn't live without all that room in the back!

Jason, Taryn, Landon, and Colton Richard said...

We have the exact same van...I said I would never be a minivan driver, but here I am eating my words. And I LOVE it!! Ours has a dvd player, so Landon loves having that!! You'll enjoy it :) It's nice too when Jason's parents come to visit - now we can all ride in one car!

Marty Pagano said...


Selena and I joined the MV club last year. We love it. Now we have a nifty little van with automatic doors and everything. It's really nice when i have a carseat in one hand and Yllana in the other and all I need to do is push a button and both those sliding doors open right up. It's nice for getting them into and out of the carseat too. Beware!!! Food has a way of sneaking into every place of the car and it's really annoying to get to and get clean.

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