Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A couple quick thoughts on the election

I have been recently taken captive by the world of facebook.

After the events of the election last night, i thought that i should at least post something...

I had hoped for a landslide on either side - that way there wouldn't be any confusion, no riots, no question who the winner would be so that it could just be over.

Even though I am not jumping up and down for joy with the majority of America today, I can rest today knowing that God is still on the Throne. He is still the ultimate sovereign ruler of all things and none of this was a surprise to Him.

I am thrilled that we have elected an African American President (although race was never an issue for me) ...i just wish that it was a different man.

I commented that they kept chanting "Yes we can" when i had expected "Yes we did". Perhaps a post on that will come someday...but i doubt it! :)

Obama also said "it may not happen in one year, or one term, but we will get there." Question: does anyone know where exactly "there" is?? :)

I sort of chuckled to Nate that this must be the kick- in- the- stomach feeling that the Dem's have felt over the last 2 elections that their man didn't win! :)

On a related note....

Nate's dad was up for re-election last night. This was his most difficult race to date. Governor Ed Rendell(D) poured a great amount of money into dad's opponent's race in order to have dad ousted for his stand for truth. Praise the Lord that He was gracious and allowed dad to serve Him for another term in office.

So, for us, last night it was bittersweet. A good swift kick to the tummy ended with a great pat on the back...for that, i am thankful today!


Kelly Glupker said...

I was looking for you last night on fb to hear the news. SO HAPPY for your father-in-law!

Candy said...

Praise the Lord He is on the throne and we can continue to look to Him while we pray for the leaders of our country. God is good all the time. Candy

Erin Neiner said...

OH. I AM SO GLAD nate's dad is still in!!!! God is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than all that politician money & campaigning!!! YEAH!!!

Erin Neiner said...

hey. go check out snapfish about the book. my sister said they extended it for another week, but it may have been the redemption of the coupon only...not actually getting the coupon in your account?? maybe it's still available???

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