Tuesday, March 25, 2008

updates and such...

I just had the best date night with nate. nothing exciting - but it was spontaneous and a special time for us to go out. we went out with the boys and they were no prob. it's actually fun sometimes to have the boys around around on dates. they are such a great, natural part of life and although we throughly enjoy being alone together, it's great to be able to take them out with us, too.

we went to ruby tuesday's and had the salad bar and split the southwestern egg roll app. then we took a stroll around the mall for a little post date exercise and headed home by 7pm! :) what a different but great life we have now with a family!

jackson is saying a lot of new things and strings of words. today he came out with "awesome" and last night said "see ya" to nana and papa!

i am currently sitting on the couch watching american idol and listening to my baby owen spontaneously giggling for the last 10 min. he hasn't stopped! (i hope he's not having a nervous breakdown! LOL)

our couches came today! that was really exciting! we still have a while before we will be using them - but atleast they are finally here!! I can't remember if i shared the blessing of our couches but the prices you will see were what we were saving for them - but NOT what we thankfully ended up paying. I saw an ad in the paper for a local mom and pop furniture store that had our furniture on the front. it was cheaper than R&F so i called and she informed me that they had a fire next door and they actually had our furniture on sale for 40%! SAWEEET!! So, we went and long story short - it's in our basement and we got the Sofa and Loveseat for their price of the couch! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

we had a wonderful easter sunday service at church. this year they did a service that focus on Christ's suffering for us with excerpts from the Passion. It was a great service and a great reminder of all that Christ did on my behalf!

i wish i had time to write all about it, but i HAVE to clean!!

nighty night!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha wow. That's funny, my boyfriend's name is Nate Rohrer. =]

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