Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jehovah Jireh! Bargains Galore!!!

This has been such a great week of deals for us!

There has been a discount food store in our area for a while. However, it was an extremely small store and it was cash or check - small crowded aisles etc.. so it wasn't a really convenient place for me to take the kids on a shopping trip. This Monday they opened a 20,000 sqft warehouse and I was sooo excited to be able to go! I almost peed my pants with excitement as i walked through this wonderfully huge store filled with cheap food!! Let me just run down my list of goodies:

ALL Hypoallergenic Laundry Det. $3.99 (re. 9.99)
Green Beans - 3 cans for $1 (i normally pay .69 a can at our grocery store)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola bars - $.99/box (reg. i pay 3.49/box)
6 PKG. of dentyne bubble pack gum - $1.50 ($1.98/3pkg)
Glad trash bags 30 pk. for $2.59
Ivory Dish Soap - $.40!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 gallon of unsweetened Apple Juice - $.79!!!!!

There was actually a ton more, but i had to stop this post to nurse and now i am getting tired - i will press on to my other deals.

Children's Place - 50% off already clearanced items (plus i had a 20% off coupon!!)
$16.50 jammies for owen - i paid $3.50!!! (bought 2)
$16.50 blue argyle sweater - $3.50
$16.50 Multi-striped Rugby Sweater - $3.50
That's like $66 for $14!!!!!!!!!!

Then on Tuesday i was going to go thrifting since i hadn't been since last May - but i had to stop at target first. So, i went into target, got what was on my list and decided to take a detour back to the kid's clothes and boy oh boy did i get some unexpected blessin's!!
I left the store with 10 articles of clothing totaling over $90 originally and i paid $23.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of the shirts were 2.24 and i even got some baby shower presents!!
So, needless to say with deals like these - who needs thrifting!! (although i still like it!)


journeyer said...

Praise the Lord. This Sunday morning, I am not in church, but it seems that God has used his people to keep writing blog posts about how he has provided for them. He is so faithful for us, giving us what we don't deserve, providing what we need, and being gracious!

Alicia said...

i love thrifting but it's so fun to find cheap new stuff!

ruth said...

Good work on the deals! That's one of my goals this year... to make more effort to find deals and shop sales.

Jason, Taryn, and Landon Richard said...

Hey Shyla - where is the discount food store that you are talking about? I'm all about saving money and finding great bargains :)

Troy & Sherry said...

too bad you don't live closer we could go shop together :)

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