Monday, December 17, 2007

blessings, grrrrs, and oh wells....

So, i will start with the blessings part. I have had so many things to share over the past few weeks but I never seem to get a moment to document them. So, here are some various ramblings and point form thoughts so i can actually get everything out.

On to the blessings....

We leave this Thursday for Canada to see my family for Christmas. Actually, we are stopping in OH for a few days near Canton to see Nathan's family first. Anyway, I had this bright idea to get family Christmas pics done of us and the boys and use them as gifts and also to have some for around the house. I made the mistake of having high expectations of how they would look and wouldn't you know it - Jackson was not on board with the plan. The man child who LOVES having his pic taken and walks around with my camera saying "cheese" was NOT into the Christmas photo shoot! We a few adorable pics of Owen, but that was all. Anyway, on to the blessing part. I made some gifts on shutterfly (SHHH!!!!) that weren't supposed to get here until after we left this Thursday. So, I clicked "send" in faith and prayed that I would get them this Wednesday instead. Well, the Lord answered my prayer better than i could ask!! I ordered it on saturday and it came in the mail today!!! LOL Isn't God good! He cares about even the smallest, requests! And i LOVE the "man" said i couldn't have them until thurs. at the earliest! HA! Sweet.

The next blessing is of the sickest proportion. It happened to a dear dear friend of mine and i share it with you all b/c i know God wanted people to be stretched and encouraged by it.
A friend of mine was in some real financial trouble. Credit card debt in the 10's of thousands, outstanding school bill, car payments, and regular life bills. They shared this problem with their parents, decided they needed to leave where they were living and move back in with their family (humbling) and work a regular job outside of their field of degree and save up the $$ to pay everything off. LONG story short - the Lord laid it on a person's heart to approach my friend and ask them a specific question. "If there was anything you could have, what would it be?" My friend after much hesitation and prodding said they would love to be debt free. In the most amazing fashion this person offered to pay off my friend's debt - no strings attached. The Lord laid it on his heart to do this and he needed to obey. He gave them a check for $17,000 and the other $15,000 or whatever the # to that tune is on it's way to them.

When they told me that, i thought to myself how neat God was. I mean, all of this financial trouble was brought on by their poor stewardship and choices, but the Lord chose out of Hid great mercy to wipe their slate clean - no strings attached. I was instantly thankful for my Salvation and reminded of all of the times the Lord has provided for me over the years. Amazing Love!!

So, that was the blessing portion..if you're not tired of reading you can continue onto the "grrs and oh wells" sections !:)

My grr/oh well is regarding the $.99/12 washcloths deal i got on black friday. I have been using proactiv for a couple of months in an effort to fight the crazy hormone issues my body has gone through with the birthing and feeding of two babies in 15 months. Anyway, the proactiv has never damaged any of my other washcloths - (enter grrrr) UNTIL I brought these cheap puppies home! 6 out of the 12 once beigey brown washcloths are now PEACH! UGH!!! PEACH! They have been completely bleached by the facial cleanser! Amazing that none of that ever happened to my other washcloths. so, now i say "oh well" they only cost a dollar!! :)

I have been so sad b/c i have not had a camera since owen was born and i think that is why i haven't felt like i have anything to post...b/c who wants to read a long blog post without pics! (God bless those who are still reading at this point! :)

tonight i am trying a new recipe for sugar free bbq sauce. Since nate can't have sugar, i have just avoided the whole bbq flavor (sadly!) since we have been married. I mean, i have tried different kinds and they were all so yucky!! so, i will let you know the outcome of this one. Hope I like it! thankfully nathan is not picky at all...but i am looking forward to his opinion.

Owen and Jackson are doing great. I will leave you with a few shots and attempts from our christmas photo shoot!

Merry Christmas to you all if i don't post until after the holidays!

Hey gotta a little schmootz on your face.

"i stand alone on the word of God, the b-i-b-l-e" Jackson BIBLE!!!

I eat your head!!!

ok, kisses it is mommy!

Maybe if you hook me up with another m&m i will smile....

That's what i'm talkin' 'bout! CHEESE!!!!!

Angel Baby!
Owen Samuel...3 1/2 months old.


Abby Sokul Turner said...

Jackson and Owen are getting SO big! They are adorable! And what a great reminder of God's goodness in our lives! Have a great trip and a Happy Christmas!

Alicia said...

Owen looks so much like Jackson when he was a little tyke! Seems like Jackson really has a boisterous personality. And that family photo is terrific! Hope you're using that one for gifts and such. Love Jackson's saddle shoes - where'd you get them?

Whoa, that story about the debt is amazing! How incredible! God is so much more merciful than we are.

Safe travels to Canada! If you need to stop off in Akron for a potty break, stop by our house. :) What highway do you take through Canton?

nate, christina, and connor said...

love the pics... hilarious! my sister had problems with proactiv bleaching some of her stuff too. unfortunately, i think it was her good towels. at least yours were the cheapies.

love the stories. so encouraging. it seems that when we are really going through it God sends us simple reminders that He is still on the throne, He is still in control, He will still forgive no matter how much we screw up, He is always good! thanks for sharing.

Busch family said...

Your little boys are so precious! I think your family Christmas picture turned out really well.

Thanks for the encouraging story about God's provision for your friend. It always good to remember how faithful, powerful, and able our God is no matter what our circumstances.

Merry Christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to hear what people have to say who have not been in the middle of the picture nightmare---thanks for being gracious Shyla! Have a great trip!

partyofsix said...

your boys are beautiful. i love their dark hair and eyes. - those pictures all turned out great! you are such a good mommy!

WILD GHESE said...

I did read the whole thing. What a gorgeous family. :)

Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!! Happy traveling. See you all when you get back.

Anonymous said...

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